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PERIPHRASIS. Circumlocution; the use of other words to express the sense of one.
     2. Some words are so technical in their meaning that in charging offences in indictments they must be used or the indictment will not be sustained; for example, an indictment for treason must contain the word traitorously; (q.v.) an indictment for burglary, burglariously; ( q.v.) and feloniously (q.v.) must be introduced into every indictment for felony. 1 Chitty's Cr. Law, 242; 3 Inst. 15; Carth. 319; 2 Hale, P. C. 172; 184;, 4 Bl. Com. 307; Hawk B. 2, c. 25, s. 55; 1 East P. C. 115; Bac. Ab. Indictment, G 1; Com. ]Dig. Indictment, G 6 Cro. C. C. 37.

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An implementation of these periphrases is also relevant from a theoretical point of view, given the discrepant approaches they have been subject of in LFG.
11) 'A fundamental distinction, so that less entrenched periphrases ('Gelegenheit-speriphrasen') would be somewhat more "verbal", is out of the question.
Mais jamais elle ne la designe autrement que par des periphrases, et elle laisse finalement vacante la place de son nom.
As descobertas no Novo Mundo e o maior empenho na observacao da Renascenca obrigam a <<l'extension de l'inventaire botanique a tous vegetaux, utiles ou non [et] conduit les savants a utiliser des periphrases pour designer ceux qui n'avaient pas encore ete nommes>> (24).
Verbal periphrases in Romance: aspect, actionality and grammaticalization.
To those who balked at the word "Negress" and its colonial connotations, and who proposed periphrases such as "women of African origin," "women of color," "women of the South," or even "women on the move," Simone retorted that, on the contrary, it was good to shock.
De la l'une des periphrases oxymoriques par lesquelles le designe le narrateur: "grotesque premier clerc.
While he identifies the first heroine by her proper name, he specifies all the others only by andronymic periphrases, namely: Penelopea fides, Admeti .
Virgil's periphrases, which in their wordiness I count as another type of pleonasm, can sound quite affected.
In the Inferno, for example, where the sinful nature and the flagitious character of the place would make it unfitting to mention the word 'Dio', which will be pronounced more uninhibitedly in the other two reigns, Dante often has to resort to periphrases such as Francesca's 'il re dell'universo' [the King of the Universe], quoted by Eliot (1929: 27), or to the word 'altrui' [another].
It is a language made up of images of places and objects, gestures and colours, numbers and letters, isolated words, common or enigmatic phrases, periphrases and metaphors, chants and tunes.
The hacer verb is a morphosyntactic dummy auxiliary in these constructions, yet its repeated presence in different bilingual periphrases appears to be a function of its lexical nature.