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PERIPHRASIS. Circumlocution; the use of other words to express the sense of one.
     2. Some words are so technical in their meaning that in charging offences in indictments they must be used or the indictment will not be sustained; for example, an indictment for treason must contain the word traitorously; (q.v.) an indictment for burglary, burglariously; ( q.v.) and feloniously (q.v.) must be introduced into every indictment for felony. 1 Chitty's Cr. Law, 242; 3 Inst. 15; Carth. 319; 2 Hale, P. C. 172; 184;, 4 Bl. Com. 307; Hawk B. 2, c. 25, s. 55; 1 East P. C. 115; Bac. Ab. Indictment, G 1; Com. ]Dig. Indictment, G 6 Cro. C. C. 37.

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11) The single example with [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] cited by Dietrich, our example (9), is quite problematic, not only because it is not clear whether [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] should be considered a verb of movement, (12) as suggested by Dietrich (1973/1983:237: 'es kann sich hier lediglich um eine Variante der Periphrase mit [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] + Part.
In (22) confiteor is used twice (confessus fuerit and confitebitur); periphrases are used for both forms in glosses (geondetad bid can be understood as "past ptc + be"), while both are rendered into simple forms in WSCp.
The poem includes invocations to 'Dieux, qui formas le premier home' (3182), and such periphrases as 'le roi qui fist le mont' (7275).
It will be shown what particular morphological, semantic and syntactic functions do could fulfill in such periphrases and why neither of these uses was conventionalized in the language.
Pinsky's is, in general, an energetic and forceful contribution to the diffusion of the Inferno in America; almost a mirror opposite to the Durling, it abounds in paraphrases and periphrases, and interpolations of lexis and syntax.
2004a "Syntactic categories and syntactic change: The development of subjunctive periphrases in English", in: Isabel Moskowich-Spiegel Fandino--Begona Crespo Garcia (eds.
It may be that we can give some theoretical content to the application of this "intimacy" metaphor to both periphrases and temporal domains.
This is revealed by the contrasting periphrases corresponding to the salient interpretations of these sentences: