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PERIPHRASIS. Circumlocution; the use of other words to express the sense of one.
     2. Some words are so technical in their meaning that in charging offences in indictments they must be used or the indictment will not be sustained; for example, an indictment for treason must contain the word traitorously; (q.v.) an indictment for burglary, burglariously; ( q.v.) and feloniously (q.v.) must be introduced into every indictment for felony. 1 Chitty's Cr. Law, 242; 3 Inst. 15; Carth. 319; 2 Hale, P. C. 172; 184;, 4 Bl. Com. 307; Hawk B. 2, c. 25, s. 55; 1 East P. C. 115; Bac. Ab. Indictment, G 1; Com. ]Dig. Indictment, G 6 Cro. C. C. 37.

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48) The examples for food provided by al-Thaalibi reveal that kinaya in this case is not used in its euphemistic sense, but as periphrasis for the sake of wit or group feeling (likewise in Ahmad al-Jurjani's parallel chapter).
a) Can the different types of adjectival periphrasis (i.
As discussed in the first paragraph of this section, there is a group of English constructions [V + English gerund] that corresponds to the sequence [Verbal Periphrasis with infinitive] in Spanish.
Cameron ends all periphrasis by developing an equitable manner of evaluating the changing meaning of words over time and avoids the misunderstandings that have so frequently characterized the study of late antiquity.
And since in this case the language of rhetoric may have always been a periphrasis for speaking bluntly about desire and sexuality in Swinburne, reading Swinburne in the wake of his detractors-both moral and aesthetic, although the two are hardly separate in the end--is to notice that the ostensibly safe vantage point offered by the language of rhetoric and aesthetic form is perhaps the most direct approach to what is still perverse in Swinburne, long after his poetry's sadomasochistic frisson has been domesticated in a post-decadent era.
2] 19-29 Figures of Feeling 19 Asyndeton (omission of conjunction) 20-21 Anaphora (repetitions) and diatyposis (vivid descriptions) 22 Hyperbaton (inversions) 23 Polypota (accumulations, variations, climaxes) 24 Plural to Singular 25 Past to Present 26 Transposition of Persons 27 Change in Narrative Point of View * 28-29 Periphrasis (circumlocution) * Fourth Source: Choice of Words (30-38) 30 Introduction to Diction [missing text after 30.
In short, the text meticulously deploys a description for the sole purpose of nulliying it; the text develops itself as the periphrasis of an object, of a matrix that is rebutted or repressed, though capable of producing variations of itself, I would suggest, symptomatologically.
Why, for instance, did I feel constrained to use the awkward periphrasis "Catholic priest who was also a poet" rather than the succinct "priest and poet" or even "priest-poet"?
The knife wound and all the attributes of the statue listed above are compared to those of a real man through the archaic technique of constructing lines without due periphrasis and featuring "not" prominently in sentences for effect (Backman 80-81).
The most surprising criticism concerns the literary and identity weight of the Notebook: "the long shadow of the Cesarian cheese tree seems to have choked, since the 1960s, any poetic impulse in West Indians unless it is a periphrasis of the Notebook of a Return to my Native Land" (Chamoiseau, Confiant 1991:135).
In the case of paradigmatic periphrasis entire word-classes lack certain combinations of inflectional categories (Haspelmath 2002: 143).
This sudden stylistic turn toward rhetorical periphrasis unleashes a diversionary overdrive that eventually confounds affective progress altogether.