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In Bentein 2013b, I argue that the history of verbal periphrasis with [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] in Archaic and Classical Greek can be captured in terms of transitivisation (with transitivity in the scalar sense of Hopper & Thompson 1980), whereby not only the different periphrastic constructions but also periphrasis in general become increasingly more transitive, i.
In a Spanish periphrastic passive, the agent bears a restricted grammatical function, and cannot receive structural case.
In example 4, the speaker attempted to utter the Spanish verb for correct, only to doubt the formation, pause, and rephrase the verb with the hacer periphrastic construction.
Much like in Kihnu, this periphrastic construction occurs in interrogative sentences.
As Haspelmath (2000:661) notes, this perspective makes it much easier to define periphrasis--'the more grammaticalised a construction is, the more it can claim to have periphrastic status'--although its precise identification in individual languages remains problematic.
4 (in a similar vein, periphrastic causativization is viewed as less typical than morphological causativization in languages which allow both).
The periphrastic expression Dufay uses to allude to it only recalls its hybrid nature--'the devil-take-the-stinking-fish-hole crumbs'--and its relegation to the realm of the unnamable" (Fabre 33).
Ziolkowski, 55-57 on the debate over periphrastic euphemisms in the Latin grammatical and rhetorical tradition.
In the end, the pragmatists tell us, what matters is our loyalty to other human beings clinging together against the dark, not our hope of getting things right"--were a refreshing alternative to the periphrastic argot of deconstruction.
The poet generally condenses the matter of the French La Mort le Roi Artu, yet among his additions are affective Passiontide formulae: usually periphrastic forms which demonstrate - with irony - the shared religious consciousness of the feuding parties.
The stock example is the replacement of the inflectionally marked annexation construction by the so-called analytical genitive, yet this very same periphrastic possessive has been put forward (e.
Fries, Charles Carpenter 1925 "The periphrastic future shall and will in Modern English", PMLA 40: 963-1024.