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In (8) and (9), ditransitive verbs are causativized periphrastically instead of with the morphological means used for intransitive and transitive verbs.
Functional categories may be attributed to a construction without this being reflected in its morphology or periphrastically.
264), a term which it is hard to translate into French or English, but which may perhaps be rendered periphrastically as "that which is of the order of the representative, of the action of representing.
The verb nime(n), ~to take', is used periphrastically here.
In Lacanian theory, where the distinction between penis and phallus is most clearly articulated (while at the same time remaining notoriously obscure(40)), the penis itself functions as a fetish: "it should not be forgotten," says Lacan periphrastically, "that the organ that assumes this [phallic] signifying function takes on the value of a fetish.
The poem, according to him, expands periphrastically a familiar stereotype or cliche abundantly familiar to the reading audience.
This characteristic is possibly related to the fact that the comparative and superlative degree of MGr colour adjectives is expressed periphrastically, not inflectionally.
The progressives (focalized and durative) are expressed periphrastically, i.