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TO PERISH. To come to an end; to cease to be; to die.
     2. What has never existed cannot be said to have perished.
     3. When two or more persons die by the same accident, as a shipwreck, no presumption arises that one perished before the other. Vide Death. Survivorship.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In this study, we deal with terminal delivery of perishable products considering customer satisfaction using a vehicle scheduling model.
(NYSE: KR), the nation's largest traditional grocery retailer with 14 stores throughout the Triangle and North Carolina, announced that it donated 137,798 pounds of fresh meat, produce, dairy and bakery items to the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina in 2014 through its groundbreaking Perishable Donations Partnership (PDP).
It is aimed at checking inflation, as these two perishable commodities make farmers, the government and consumers cry at least once a year.
Perishable products such as fruit, vegetables, flowers and fresh meat from Africa and chilled meat from Australia, as well as pharmaceuticals from India, and many other commodities from various countries, are shipped on Emirates SkyCargo, through its Cool Chain services.
Estrada, however, dismissed those accusations, saying perishable goods and construction materials are not included in the ban.
16 July 2014 - US foods and related products distributor United Natural Foods Inc (NASDAQ:UNFI) said it had finalised its USD195.3m (EUR144m) purchase of domestic perishable food products distribution specialist Tony's Fine Foods.
DB Schenker Logistics will present solutions in air and ocean freight for the global perishable market, in line with the rapidly changing consumer demands.
To compound the problem, box manufacturers have historically printed "perishable" or nebulous instructions like "refrigerate upon arrival" and "open immediately" on the outside panels of their insulated shippers used for drug products.
The acquisition is intended to advance the companya[euro](tm)s strategy of expanding its business in the perishable logistics space.
Perishable Theatre was founded 26 years ago by the TRC's training program co-founder David Eliet, and was run for years by Mark Lerman, one of the graduates of the program.
The facility will provide high quality cold storage for perishable commodities.
I have checked the website and there is nothing about perishable items in the list of prohibited goods.