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Collectively, the 120 stores in Kroger's Mid-Atlantic division, which spans six states including North Carolina, contributed a total of 700 tons of perishable food to food banks last year.
We offer proven one-stop-shopping solutions and thus wish to make our expertise accessible to a broad spectrum of perishable customers.
In airfreight, we have always followed a strategy of both achieving organic growth and growth through acquisitions in niche segments to enlarge the customer-oriented product portfolio, as we did in the perishable market in Latin America," he said.
Changing consumer needs and packaging innovation are helping the convenience channel sell perishable groceries, as big chains overcome distribution issues and single stores tailor their offerings.
Singur (West Bengal), Nov 29(ANI): Union Railways Minister Mamata Banerjee on Sunday laid the foundation for Perishable Cargo Centre (PCC) at Singur in West Bengal.
The European Union has been completing an important phase of the project "Development of Equipment Certification Centers for the Carriage of Perishable Goods in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan within the frame of the ATP Agreement" (Autonomous Transport Protocol Project).
where he successfully launched and built the discount mega-merchant's perishable foods division.
PT Internusa Hasta Buana has agreed to team up with Lauritzen Coal Logistics (LCL), the world's largest operator of containership with storage facility based in Stockholm (Sweden), to transport perishable cargoes from and to Indonesia.
has announced that A&P has selected IRI Retail Practice and IRI Perishable Service for insights into its perishables departments.
The January consumer price index (CPI) for Tokyo's 23 wards, excluding volatile prices of perishable foods, came to 96.
They want more of them that are healthier, tastier, fresher and less perishable.