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In questo quadro generale le artes mechanicae si distinguono dalle altre perche esse richiedono peritia o, noi diremmo, tecnica.
25) Peter Smith, A Middle-Irish Poem on the Authors and Laws of Ireland, 8 PERITIA 120, 137 [paragraph] 45 (1994) ("Since Aimirgein wise and diligent gave the first judgment in the beginning in Ireland, the noble judgments of traditional Irish Law belonged solely to poets.
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Anglo goes as far as providing an appendix that clearly details several dozen direct borrowings from De regnandi peritia in the first two books of the Ritratto.
Compare Isidore who writes, "Musica est peritia modulationis sono cantuque consistens" (Etymologiarum sire origin um, ed.
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Nos tamen qui neque magnarum rerum peritia, neque hactenus ulla elocutionis laude floruimus, non quidem si minus eleganter sed si minus recte dixerimus, hodie satis reprehensionis pertimescimus atque veremur.
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Is it scientia (universal principles applicable to direct observation) or peritia (principles possessed by the man of wisdom derived from observation)?
defenditur ergo respublica litterarum peritia a multis intestinis malis sicut et armis ab inimicorum oppressionibus.