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Peritus dein asserit quod <<rispetto alla relazione affettiva pre-matrimoniale non vi erano elementi di stabilita, ne di pianificazione responsabile (.
He was a peritus at the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity during Vatican II (1960-65); taught theology and religious studies at St.
A nocao do uir bonus dicendi peritus, sem ser citada, aparece sempre escondida no pensamento comum, cada qual com as suas peculiaridades.
During 1963 to 1965, he was appointed peritus, or theological expert, at the Second Vatican Council.
Shown are: Gary Gerdemann, Peritus Public Relations and Linda Frerichs, Arysta.
My husband's grandmother's best friend owns this company in Chicago that made them for us at cost and my husband, Courtney, and his partner, Steve Robinson, of the Peritus Construction Co.
During his time as Provincial he also acted as a peritus during the closing phase of Vatican Council II.
The Swedish financial group Invik & Co AB said on Tuesday (9 January) that Aktie-Ansvar, the fund company within the Invik Group, has received approval from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority to introduce a new fund in Sweden named Peritus.
Peritus Software Services Inc, the financially-troubled provider of software maintenance outsourcing services, announced it will move its headquarters in a further effort to cut costs.
He was a peritus from the second to the fourth sessions and then became a member of the concilium for the implementation of liturgical documents.
Bank on this garden to catch the eye potential for interest rates to increase, it will become more difficult for first-time buyers to save a Peritus Private Finance which is authorised and regulated by the line with the national average at "Consider whether opting to fix financial services authority.