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Sessions could face legal repercussions if he was found to have perjured himself.
It is claimed they knew police perjured themselves at the trial of striking miners - but kept it secret.
Just because he didn't use the exact same words from his report does not mean the trooper perjured himself, Eakin said.
Ms Shant said: "You perjured yourself on the last occasion trying to give that jury the impression Stephen was devastated.
When a prosecutor uses perjured testimony to convict a criminal defendant, that criminal defendant's right to due process of law under the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.
The bank said that the plaintiffs had failed to prove that they were harmed by its alleged practice of routinely submitting perjured affidavits.
Convicted on perjured evidence he proclaimed himself a loyal subject of the Queen.
Gonzales perjured himself when he told a grand jury in June of 2008 that he had no memory of the shooting and could not identify his attacker.
If someone can demonstrate the Premier perjured himself, the Premier would have to resign," he added.
It adds that the book "explores Clemens's use of banned substances, details his dalliances with women, and suggests that he may have perjured himself while testifying before Congress.
Mr Kazi, a former imam at Leeds Prison, had falsified divorce papers and perjured himself by falsely swearing a witness statement for a grant of divorce.
Bernstein: "She broke the law if, indeed, she perjured herself .