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Both sides of the circuit split acknowledge that the perjured testimony must be material to the trial.
Connolly's lawyers claim new evidence from one of Salemme's associates proves he perjured himself at Connolly's trial.
A former FBI agent perjured himself in the Martha Stewart trial.
Dodge promptly filed a counterclaim alleging, among other things, that Jeff Hankins perjured himself when he testified in the Washington County case that he was president and publisher of Arkansas Business Publishing Group became that isn't the company's incorporated name.
Unfortunately, some gaps remain, and it is still unclear why, in the end, the decision went against Bronzino, especially since there seems to be little question that his adversary, a weaver called Chiazella, invented a false genealogy and perjured himself.
Especially vexing to Helms was Colby's suggestion to investigators that Helms might have perjured himself in testimony before Congress.
But investigations of wrongful conviction have revealed instances of prosecutorial corruption--notably, in keeping exculpatory evidence from the defense, falsifying forensic laboratory evidence, and using perjured testimony in efforts to get spurious convictions.
THE coroner who investigated the death of Stuart Lubbock said yesterday she was looking at an allegation that Barrymore had perjured himself at the inquest.
In Shakespeare's Perjured Eye (1986), Fineman argues, as the guiding principle of his project, that "modernist--and for that matter, postmodernist--theories of the self are not so much a theoretical account or explanation of subjectivity as they are the conclusion of literary subjectivity initially invented in the Renaissance.
Elliott, aged 43, of Stourport Road, Bewdley, Worcestershire, and Ridley, aged 57, of Foxlands Crescent, Penn, Wolverhampton, did not vote at the meeting, but were also alleged to have submitted perjured affidavits to the judicial review.
The Court noted that the opinion does not address the standard of materiality applied in cases where the prosecutor knowingly uses perjured testimony; a standard that is more favorable to the defense requiring only a showing of a reasonable likelihood that the false testimony could have affected the outcome.