perjured testimony

See: frame up
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Furthermore, Avenging Lincoln's Death reveals that the accomplices were convicted on perjured testimony, and that the government submitted unrelated evidence of Confederate atrocities to cognitively capture the minds of the panel of officers.
Jackson said in his response to the bar, "In my opinion this is proper conduct and certainly not evidence of a pre-trial agreement, inducement of Webb to give perjured testimony, or other wrongdoing.
Judge William Thomas cited new evidence presented by the defence allegedly implicating another person and perjured testimony by state witnesses, along with the failure of prosecutors to turn over evidence that could have potentially exonerated Maharaj at his trial.
In 1881-82, during the Land War, two innocent men--Patrick Finnegan and Constable Michael Muldowney--were convicted of murder based on the perjured testimony of informers, and spent 20 years in jail.
Since the practice of offering leniency to criminals in exchange for their testimony constitutes bribery, and creates the probability of perjured testimony, there are countless county, state, and federal prosecutors who should be incarcerated and fined for violation of the federal statute.
The 16th Century English lawyer, social philosopher and statesman Sir Thomas More was tried for treason, convicted on perjured testimony, and beheaded.
When a prosecutor uses perjured testimony to convict a criminal defendant, that criminal defendant's right to due process of law under the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.
The report said they were convicted of murder because Pakistani authorities knowingly relied on perjured testimony and ignored other leads, The Telegraph reports.
It is not an easy task to reveal to a judge or jury perjured testimony, shoddy laboratory work, overzealous or inadequate police investigations, critical evidence which is overlooked, bias, tunnel vision, and other such elements which may be exposed by effective defence counsel.
Perhaps, in the future, he might discount the generally perjured testimony of uncorroborated jail house snitches who speak with the thought of obtaining a better deal for himself.
Does the reporter's lawyer, as an officer of the court, have to inform a judge about the perjured testimony if his client won't break his confidentiality agreement with his source?