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Debauchees, adulterers, and gamblers, who had squandered their inheritances in gaming-dens, pot-houses, and brothels; anyone who had bankrupted himself to buy impunity for his infamous or criminal acts; men convicted anywhere of murder or sacrilege, or living in fear of conviction; cut-throats and perjurers, too, who made a trade of bearing false witness or shedding the blood of fellow citizens; in short, all who were in disgrace or afflicted by poverty or consciousness of guilt, were Catiline's intimate associates.
All these reasons undoubtedly played a part in dissuading potential perjurers.
In 1873, he wrote, ``the highest offices in the land can still continue to be occupied by perjurers and robbers; if another Congress (like the 42nd) consisting of 15 honest men and 296 of the other kind can be once more created, it will at last be time, I fear, to give over trying to save the country by human means, and appeal to providence.
Not throwing perjurers into prison would send an open invitation to the criminally minded.
And while Abu-Jamal has been on death row, the Philadelphia Police Department has been exposed as a safe haven for perjurers, thugs and frame-up artists.
These passages thus offer no decisive evidence on the gravity of perjury, any more than we can take seriously the assertion that all the members of the Athenian audience are perjurers (and father-beaters as well: Frogs 274 ff.
The petitioners requested the apex court to order the registrars of high courts to make fresh rules under Article 202 of the Constitution and Section 122 of the CPC for imposing cost on litigants and prosecution of perjurers, stipulate maximum time limit for different kinds of suits, petitions and appeals and regulate alternative dispute resolution, in addition to discipline the lawyers abusing the process of the court.
In politics, there is no place for the corrupt, for perjurers and those engaging in bribes.
If God has no place in court, perjurers can sleep easy, knowing they can lie through their teeth despite having taken that oath.
What is important is that all those falsely denounced by him and his allies as liars, plotters, perjurers and forgers have been cleared.
I think that the oppositioneIUs refusal to name its representatives for membership of Supreme Commission for Election and Referendum (SCER) was enough to scandalize the regime that the opposition parties doneIUt accept to be perjurers in the election.
A few may sense the distant jangle of a sure-fire, jackpot libel payout, but there are plenty of bankrupts and convicted perjurers to attest that this is a strategy fraught with risk.