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any crime, whether or not the crime involves the perjurer directly or
He was credited with an almost preternatural ability to sniff out perjurers and false witnesses, who "regarded him with awe and would not approach his presence to give oaths.
128) It is also decreed that they be on guard against liars and perjurers.
In 1873, he wrote, ``the highest offices in the land can still continue to be occupied by perjurers and robbers; if another Congress (like the 42nd) consisting of 15 honest men and 296 of the other kind can be once more created, it will at last be time, I fear, to give over trying to save the country by human means, and appeal to providence.
Not throwing perjurers into prison would send an open invitation to the criminally minded.
During the early Republic, for instance, arsonists were burnt, perjurers hurled from the Tarpeian Cliff and those who murdered a close relative subjected to culleus - they were put into a sack with an ape, a dog and a snake and thrown into the sea.
The Government's case, which was motivated by a former USAU employee with clearly malicious intent, included several prosecution witnesses who were admitted perjurers testifying with complete immunity.
If God has no place in court, perjurers can sleep easy, knowing they can lie through their teeth despite having taken that oath.
I think that the oppositioneIUs refusal to name its representatives for membership of Supreme Commission for Election and Referendum (SCER) was enough to scandalize the regime that the opposition parties doneIUt accept to be perjurers in the election.
A few may sense the distant jangle of a sure-fire, jackpot libel payout, but there are plenty of bankrupts and convicted perjurers to attest that this is a strategy fraught with risk.
The perjurers and liars are all in the White House and the Senate.
The coalition of liars, pornographers and perjurers that seeks to bury Rogan will find it rough sledding against the newly energized Republicans like myself, who have heretofore not gotten seriously involved in campaign politics, preferring in the past to stand on the sidelines and merely cheer.