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The crude permanence difference of 6.7 percentage points was only slightly diminished to 6.6 percentage points, and the crude stability difference declined by only 0.2 of a percentage point.
Permanence is one of the benefits claimed for two new polysiloxane-bound HALS products from Great Lakes Chemical.
Crenshaw is no less profound and disputatious in the Faces in the Bottom of the Well: The Permanence of Racism as she was in Bell's first allegorical plunge, And We Are Not Saved
"Because microfiche registry is the first step to a badly-needed standard assessment protocol, and because the tamper-proof permanence of the system establishes a historical benchmark for all facilities undergoing environmental investigations, the Council has been under intense pressure by banks, attorneys, real estate firms and non-member environmental consulting firms to make our Registry available to the entire industry," said Gayle Essary, CEO.
Le dispositif de permanence des commercants et des unites de production durant l'Aid El Adha a vu le nombre des permanenciers augmenter sensiblement en plus de celui des controleurs.
- Les espaces commerciaux seront ouverts au public de 7h 15 a 13h00 du lundi au jeudi; le vendredi de 7h15 a 12h00 et de permanence le samedi de 7h15 a 11h15.
This means a further six new advisors would be appointed to work on Permanence and Care Excellence (PACE) and will provide support to all Scottish Councils.
The reports are Care and Permanence Planning for Looked After Children in Scotland and Care and Permanence: Children assessed as at risk at or before birth.
The skulls start you thinking about death and death masks, which leads to a vanitas theme, where the permanence of possessions and collecting itself leads to questions about the often fickle relationships between artists, dealers, and collectors.
In this Judeo-Christian understanding of the meaning of marriage, three factors are essential: 1) gender difference (male and female); 2) monogamy (two-in-one-flesh); 3) permanence (indissolubility).
Various artists will be unleashed at intervals to create different installations exploring the relationship between image and architecture, permanence and ephemerality and so on, though perhaps none will match the Edler brothers' own effort in a demonstration press video featuring Graz's favourite son, Arnold Schwarzenegger, on one of his familiar cinematic rampages.
Le transport urbain public a assure une permanence mais il ne repondait pas, a lui seul, a la demande.