permanent resident

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'Affected permanent residents Permit holders are hereby informed that they do not have to be in possession of a re- entry visa, unless it is required by the country they are visiting, this serves as a guarantee to the said country that the individual will and is allowed to return to Namibia after their visit.
Kashmir Economic Alliance, Co-chairman Farooq Dar, addressing a press conference in Srinagar warned of a strong agitation against any changes in the process of issuing permanent resident certificates by the Indian administration.
"We are a family where two generations of women find themselves caught in a terrible state of statelessness because we married men who do not hold the Permanent Resident Certificate needed under Article 35A.
According to the Canadian law, a permanent resident is someone who has been given permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada, but is not a Canadian citizen.
Mrs Brown's daughter Maggie says she was told by a social worker that the council had decided to close Cygod-y-Gaer to new permanent residents.
According to NSI data by December 31, 2013, there were a total of 395 settlements with a population of up to 9 people, while 169 settlements had zero permanent residents and 60 settlements had one permanent resident.
In July, al Mamoori, a delivery driver who is designated as a permanent resident, was among the hundreds of thousands of individuals across the country who received letters from the U.S.
Once they arrive in Canada for landing as a Permanent Resident, Section 28 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act SC 2002 Chapter 27 (IRPA) applies.
permanent resident from Honduras, faced removal after living nearly
ABC uses self-service kiosk technology to partially automate the processing of Canadian citizens (with a valid Canadian passport) and permanent residents of Canada(with a valid permanent resident card) returning to Canada.
Ottawa thinks nearly 11,000 individuals are potentially implicated in lying to apply for citizenship or maintain permanent resident status.
343 of May 16, 2012, creates a new Permanent Resident Immigration Category and subcategory Permanent Resident Foreign National for countries with which there are relations that are friendly, professional, economic and relating to investment in Panama, said the Tourism Authority (May 24, 2012).

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