permanent resident

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Firstly, it provided a 3-year levels plan for the number of permanent residents that Canada plans to welcome in 2018, 2019, and 2020 (previous plans only provided annual targets).
citizens and legal permanent residents held for political reasons in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The population of permanent residents is significantly larger in Japan than in South Korea, which may be related to the policy divergence in incorporating foreign residents as members of the host society.
Similarly, subject to conditions, a permanent resident is eligible to apply for citizenship.
The northern Bulgarian district of Gabrovo registered the largest number of villages with zero permanent residents, 63, and the largest number of settlements with a population of up to 9, 112, meaning that 175 settlements out of a total of 349 in the Gabrovo district were uninhabited or had a one-digit population.
Clark's team, which works with a mostly Hispanic population, has helped individuals resolve some of those problems by mailing copies of permanent resident cards to HHS.
a) a permanent resident complies with the residency obligation with respect to a 5-year period if, on each of a total of at least 730 days in that 5-year period, he or she is
the INA, the lawful permanent resident has a "permanent"--or
Eligible travellers, who choose to use an ABC kiosk, should have all of the necessary documents on hand when they approach the kiosk, including the CBSA Declaration Card, their Canadian passport or Canadian permanent resident card, and all receipts for purchases made abroad.
Ottawa thinks nearly 11,000 individuals are potentially implicated in lying to apply for citizenship or maintain permanent resident status.
343 of May 16, 2012, creates a new Permanent Resident Immigration Category and subcategory Permanent Resident Foreign National for countries with which there are relations that are friendly, professional, economic and relating to investment in Panama, said the Tourism Authority (May 24, 2012).
Last week, a federal judge ruled that state law contradicts the Second Amendment and that "lawful permanent resident aliens" should not be denied the right to own a handgun.

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