permanent structure

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The state-of-the-art Nigeria Country Department (RDNG) office complex, situated in the Central Business District of Abuja, the country's capital, is the first permanent structure is the first permanent structure to be designed and constructed in any regional member country of the Bank.
However, from the beginning, we, particularly our health officials, do not envision this to be a permanent structure he added.
While on patrol earlier this year, NYS Forest Rangers Logan Quinn and Alexander Virkler discovered two tree stands, a permanent structure, and ATV encroachment on Mongaup Valley WMA.
Building a permanent structure for our operations will guarantee Liberians that we are not here to grab and go, but to be a partner in the country's development.
Plus planning would be a much easier and less of a hassle as they would be classed as a non permanent structure.
Constructed in 1761, Qasr al Hosn is the emirate's first permanent structure, which was home to its ruling Al Nahyan family.
It's been a mainstay of the festival ever since - although it became a permanent structure in 1981 and doubles as a cowshed and animal food store during winter.
The Political and Security Committee (PSC) is a permanent structure of the Council of the European Union (EU) made up of 28 EU state members.
Antony Wood, executive director of the committee, which is seen as the final official word on building heights around the world, said the needle counted as a permanent structure, the report said.
It will also represent the first permanent structure built on Billesley Common since the club moved there from Bournbrook in 2005.
s e n " Copeland borough council is now arranging to visit Sarah's home in Egremont, Cumbria, to check if the tub is a permanent structure.
Since then, Lee Hall and Sting have made a significant further contribution to provide an even more inviting environment for the young people to learn in, one which is a permanent structure that will give a lasting legacy for the pupils.

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