permanent structure

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Plus planning would be a much easier and less of a hassle as they would be classed as a non permanent structure.
The soldiers were responsible for constructing a wood-framed building, a permanent structure that could possibly serve as a command post or housing.
Constructed in 1761, Qasr al Hosn is the emirate's first permanent structure, which was home to its ruling Al Nahyan family.
It's been a mainstay of the festival ever since - although it became a permanent structure in 1981 and doubles as a cowshed and animal food store during winter.
The Mirror has learned permission has been granted by the Offices of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister for the Balmoral Show organisers to erect a permanent structure.
The Political and Security Committee (PSC) is a permanent structure of the Council of the European Union (EU) made up of 28 EU state members.
Antony Wood, executive director of the committee, which is seen as the final official word on building heights around the world, said the needle counted as a permanent structure, the report said.
It will also represent the first permanent structure built on Billesley Common since the club moved there from Bournbrook in 2005.
Since then, Lee Hall and Sting have made a significant further contribution to provide an even more inviting environment for the young people to learn in, one which is a permanent structure that will give a lasting legacy for the pupils.
JERUSALEM, September 12, 2012 (WAFA) - Israeli Supreme Court will rule on a petition by settlers demanding the demolition of the iconic car tire school, which is the only permanent structure in the West Bank Bedouin village of al-Khan al-Ahmar, according to a press release by the Jahalin Association.
Du plesis said that this is to ensure a smooth transition so that current operations are not affected by the change before the permanent structure takes off.
The permanent structure is scheduled for completion in 2012.

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