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One thing that appealed to her about Permanent Wave is its listserv, which doubles, says Klein, as community for people "in other countries, people who live all over this country," who might not have a safe space for openly political and feminist discussion.
Permanent Waves is a daring work of science fiction that takes notions of eternal recurrence in fantastical new directions while testing the boundaries of human imagination with continual surprises.
See, for example, Lori Ginzberg, Untidy Origins: A Story of Woman's Rights in Antebellum New York (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2005); Nancy Cott, The Grounding of Modern Feminism (New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 1987); Cobble, The Other Women's Movement; and Hewitt, No Permanent Waves.
The glass ceiling still exists for women artists, especially if they have a family, " said Nancy Pickard, co-ordinator of Cardiff-based Permanent Waves, which is hoping to change the situation by supporting women artists and giving them the confidence to promote themselves.
For more information on these or other computer courses, call Permanent Waves on 029 2056 9800.
FEMALE artists in Wales are not being given a fair chance to establish themselves, claims Permanent Waves Women's Arts Association.
RESULTS: Div One Race One: 1, Dash Rip Rock (R Thompson)' 2, Permanent Waves (T Lawrence)' 3, Froglet (A Dawson).
new developments in gentle hair dyes and permanent waves and
Permanent Waves Arts Association, in partnership with the University of Glamorgan, is offering a range of computer design courses at its Digital Arts Workshop in Ely Bridge, Cardiff.
Latest declared winners in West Kirby Sailing Club's Marine Lake winter series were Tom Lawrence in the Lark Permanent Waves and Ron Thompson in the GP 14 Dash Rip Rock
CARDIFF'S Permanent Waves Arts Association is launching an initiative to help people get to grips with their new PCs.
Darien, CT, has reached a settlement with Canada-based Vernico Products to prevent patent infringement on Zotos' hair technology used in its ISO line of permanent waves.

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