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Our souls have become permeable through grace, wounds, forgiveness, maturity, grief and encouraging each other.
It is recommended that permeable paving must still be able to function effectively when blocked by up to 95 percent.
Narahari [13] discussed unsteady flow of a Bingham fluid between two permeable beds having different permeabilities.
Mr Harrop said Marshalls had already begun training its installers in how to fit permeable paving correctly in anticipation of increased demand.
A spokeswoman for Defra said research was being undertaken into developing permeable ground coverage systems for car parks and other areas, including pavements.
Informed by the principles of open schooling, the new building is a flexible, permeable set of spaces arranged around a double-height hall.
Reduce site disturbance using plantings or permeable surfaces.
has published a color leaflet summarizing a report on research conducted by Oliver Moghissi at the Southwest Research Institute indicating that non-abrasive, permeable subsea pads improve cathodic protection to submerged steel pipelines that are weighted down with articulating concrete mattresses as compared to impermeable pads.
Permeable pavements allow water to drain through a driveway, path or patio into the soil below.
The conservancy is trying a new ``green infrastructure'' design that uses permeable concrete, solar power and composting toilets.