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Calculations with the LewaPlus design software, developed specifically for Lewabrane and Lewatit products, already showed in the planning phase that permeate conductivities of less than 10 ?
Volactose Whey Permeate not only provides an outstandingly natural and cost-effective route to sodium reduction--it is also an ideal cost-busting sugar replacer.
There was no gas mixing of shell and permeate sides in the directions of bulk flows.
5) This method considers a permeation cell where there is no total pressure gradient between the retentate and the permeate chambers.
However, the location of the Generacion in the University of Puerto Rico ensured that their scholarship constituted the canon in Puerto Rican studies until the 1970s; moreover, many of their postulates still permeate current works.
Added Miller, "Catholicism should permeate not just the class period of catechism or religious education, or the school's pastoral activities, but the entire curriculum.
Mouth-watering descriptions of food, people and local color permeate a warm, witty account of some sixteen tales--each of which ends with a local recipe and wine tips.
Political intrigue and social unrest permeate a plot strong in historical background and insights.
This means, he says, that not only does marketing thinking permeate the business, but business thinking permeates marketing.
Rapid triplets permeate the movement, ending the work with a flourish.
According to UNESCO's website, "education for a sustainable future should permeate the entire school curriculum, with every subject area, at every year level, dealing with aspects of sustainability in some way.