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The art of biblical interpretation is the sensitive search within fallible and vulnerable human documents for a divine encounter that has the potential for transforming life that it might be permeated with trust, hope, and love.
It has permeated our culture the way it once permeated the great underground fields of Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, the Lothians and Fife.
Our brain is the product of thousands of generations of evolution; it has evolved specialized systems for a hunter-gatherer world permeated, with threat.
At the hall's opening, the New York Times commented that Cincinnati was devoted to more than the "death struggles of the hog and the frauds of the distillers and is permeated by the spirit of culture and refinement."
Shigeru Ban's work is permeated by a strong sense of Japanese architectural history reinterpreted in an explicitly contemporary manner.
On a more sensuous level, a gentle smell of tobacco emanated from the work and permeated the space.
Improvisation happily permeated music, singing, and dancing.
The executive director of Christian Schools International (Christian Reformed or Calvinist schools) said his schools "would not allow the exemption because every class is permeated with a Christian religious viewpoint." Dr.
The proofreader changed the sentence in the published version to read: "All facets of our school program are permeated by a philosophy..."