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The proofreader changed the sentence in the published version to read: "All facets of our school program are permeated by a philosophy.
Second, the young, relatively unknown Russian artist Svetlana Kopystiansky's surprising installation of innumerable black and white photocopied posters pasted up like illicit advertisements throughout the city revealed the degree to which public life, even in a clean, green city, is thoroughly permeated by media culture.
This kind of attitude has permeated the relationship between socialists and identity politics, a relationship epitomized by the ongoing attempts of socialist intellectuals to incorporate identity politics into a single, overarching socialist theory.
As early as 1917, it was recorded that water permeated through collodion films selectively |1~.
According to Herper's report, "most of the victims are relatively young troops who were injured by the land mines, mortars and suicide bombs that have permeated the Iraq conflict.
The way the cell phone abuse was dealt with illustrates the lack of discipline that has permeated all areas of city government.
The idea is simple Three overlapping circles intersect to create eight distinct areas Despite their simplicity, such diagrams can be used to represent complex logical propositions and algebraic statements In charting the history of Venn diagrams, Edwards reveals that John Venn devised the diagrams in the late 1880s in an effort to create a symbolic logic, Since then, the diagrams have permeated art and economics, as well as mathematics and logic.