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Consumer acceptance of the samples confirmed that the permeates contributed to salty taste, although the controls with added salt were perceived as saltier and were generally preferred.
However, the flow rate of the carrier gas (nitrogen) fed to the permeate chamber has to be accurately controlled.
If an entrapped gas bubble floats to the top of the mold cavity, the gas should permeate into the molding sand before the metal can solidify around it.
Permeates like the oxygenated fuel is still in the hose
This subtlety, sense of scale and understanding of materials and light permeates the whole, giving it a sense of gentle repose, entirely appropriate for a soothing retreat for visitors.
The permeate vapor can be condensed and collected or released as desired.
The same myopia permeates many of the essays, including Kathleen Sullivan's piece on the First Amendment issues involved in the dispute and Paul DiMaggio's study of the differences between the NEA and state arts councils.
With appropriate pressures, membrane materials, pore size, solution concentration and temperatures, it is possible to obtain fractions in the retentate or permeate with different phytochemical compositions, compared to the original solution.
It is something that permeates the memory of all the ancestors of those who survived.
A fresh, intuitive perspective permeates this script; it's full of dialogue that really reveals something about the characters and makes you care what's going to happen to them next.
But many others receive treatment because their parents "are driven by a cultural 'heightism' that permeates American society," Barry B.