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The carrier gas flow rate in the permeate chamber must be very low (in order to present a detectable carbon dioxide concentration at the permeate outlet) and have a perfect mixing flow pattern.
One of the hallmarks of our company is an attitude of service that permeates all our professional efforts," Keleher said.
Connaughton says that as the pressurized air used to fill tires slowly permeates tire walls and escapes, it not only leads to underinflation, but the oxygen portion of the air reacts with the chemical bonds in the rubber, weakening it and reducing tire life.
State tax implications of electronic commerce will now be integrated into the regular curriculum, however, a reflection of how e-commerce now permeates even the most routine matters.
January's issue considers the relationship between architecture and water, a vital natural resource that permeates all aspects of our existence.
Permeates and retentive material obtained with the first series of membranes in the 1000 K to 250 K range had similar monomeric and polymeric compositions as the feed.
As molten metal runs over the surface of a green sand mold, moisture in the sand is converted to steam that permeates between the sand grains.
But his broader oeuvre--photographs, paintings, sculptures, decollages, objects, films, "Macintoshages" (computer-derived collages)--and the irreverent wit that permeates it, deserves another look.
The spirit of Oscar Wilde permeates Keith Behrman's Ernest.
Moser of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod said Lutheran schools could not accept exemption because of their commitment to "maintaining our mission and our spiritual nature which permeates our total school program.
By speciating, it is meant that the fuel permeates as separate