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The patent, entitled "Skin Permeation Device for Analyte Sensing or Transdermal Drug Delivery" issued to Echo Therapeutics in China, includes claims that encompass the skin preparation device, which prepares the skin in a controlled, dermabrasive manner to permit either drug delivery or analyte extraction.
For the packaging industry, Systech's oxygen permeation and water vapour permeation analyzers offer testing of all packaging film, finished package and PET bottles.
When the vulcanization temperature was 90[degrees]C, the permeation flux reached a maximum while the separation factor achieved a minimum.
The intent of this study is to test the effects of FMP on fuel permeation, to determine whether the material has any negative effects, and also, to test the effects of FMP on permeation using ethanol-containing fuels.
Systech Illinois' leading oxygen permeation analysers are capable of testing the oxygen barrier properties of packages with a detection threshold of 4E-05 cm[sup.
Subsequent to our earlier communications, in connection with the solvent transport characteristics of NR/EVA blends [11, 12] systems, the present examination aims at the solvent vapor permeation properties of NR/EVA blend membranes using different organic solvents and their mixtures as penetrants.
3), and its effect on permeation was documented in both a 1992 SAE paper (ref.
However, with Ixef low permeation plastic, even the most stringent PZEV regulatory requirements may be reached with a minimum quantity of layers.
27mm thick, the Model 8001 can measure oxygen permeation of plastic bottles, cans, containers and so on over a very wide measurement range of 0.
We're currently getting four to five times reduction in the permeation rate of oxygen versus straight nylon 6 material," said Dahman.
com)-- Systech Illinois are global suppliers of permeation analysers for the packaging industry.