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Ewing sarcoma typically occurs in the diaphysis of the long bones with motheaten or permeative bone destruction and an aggressive periosteal reaction, classically known as the "onion-skin" pattern.
Caption: Figure 1: Axial (a) and coronal (b) HRCT images reveal extensive permeative destructive lesions involving both temporal bones (white asterisks).
Caption: FIGURE 2: Axial CT scan bone window shows loss of the inner skull table and cortical outline with permeative bone reaction indicating bone destruction.
Caption: Figure 1: A 35-year-old male with frontal radiographs of the distal right femur and left knee: there is permeative mixed sclerosis and lucency (arrow) in the distal femoral and proximal tibial shafts.
In plain radiographs, lymphomas have variable and nonspecific appearance ranging from being near normal to a diffusely permeative lesion with soft tissue extension.
On conventional X-ray examination, primary NHL of bone sho- ws variable changes, including lytic lesions or permeative lesions with bone destruction.
A broader, more mobile, more literate provincial elite, with commercial access to printed texts, in turn provided a social foundation for the unprecedentedly routinised, literate, permeative, examinations-based political order of the Song.
Eliot to develop what Schocket terms an "aesthetics of management" modeled after the permeative presence of labor management techniques in the first two decades of the twentieth century, in order to enable literary engagement with what "existent forms of literary representation could barely recognize, much less remediate" and thus diffuse "the shock of modernity by adding a measure of predictability and impersonality" (19) to the necessary encounter with class and ethnic difference.
(18) Absence throughout the narrative is an active, permeative, and palpable quality, rather than a lack of presence.
As in our patient, the findings on plain film radiography are multiple small osteolytic lesions which may have a more permeative character.
Destruction is described as "geographic" (uniform, with sharply defined borders), "moth-eaten" (separate areas of destruction with irregular or ragged borders)[4] or "permeative" or "permeated" (spreading, speckled areas of bone marrow destruction with poorly defined borders).
Because of their permeative power, such local art and artistic production often reached a deeper level of theological understanding than was the case in the formulations and commentaries of theologians.