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Ideological differences over the permissibility of killing civilians in warfare were reflected in what is commonly termed "the war of the communiques" between the GIA and the FIS/AIS from 1995-1998.
The notion of political self-determination also plays a crucial role in Walzer's account of the relationship between the permissibility of rebelling and the permissibility of military intervention, but while his critics have invariably criticized Walzer's account, not much has been done by philosophers working on revolution and intervention to replace it with a more plausible one.
Sheikh Saleh bin Humaid, member of the Board of Senior Ulemas and imam of the Grand Mosque, said that organ donation permissibility is decided in terms of Shariah, although it is crucial to be sure that the prospective donor is pronounced brain dead, which is an issue that still needs more research.
While moral theory informs criminal law, the correct correspondence does not lie between criminal wrongdoing and moral permissibility. Rather, a connection between criminal wrongdoing and moral blameworthiness--specifically, Thomas Scanlon's recent account of blame--accommodates both the moral philosopher's claim that intention is irrelevant to moral permissibility and the criminal theorist's claim that intent is essential to criminal wrongdoing.
To be sure, intentionality has suffered of late at the hands of philosophers in particular, who wonder at the lingering folk psychology that seems to allow the moral permissibility of an act (as in the medieval "doctrine of double effect") to vary as a function of the thoughts inside an agent's head.
Admissibility as a consequence of being permitted is known as permissibility (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 2003).
"It is part of the permissibility of cosmetics that they be safe.
"While the replication of conventional products to make them Shariah compliant does pass the Shariah permissibility test, but it is insufficient to achieve the larger objectives of Islamic financial system, particularly the broad-based and equitable distribution of economic gains," he added.
In both works, Prado insists that the moral permissibility of suicide (and, by extension, of assisted suicide and euthanasia) rests first on determining the rationality of suicide.
"Our investigation concerns the permissibility of donations accepted by the Liberal Democrats in 2005.
These last two moves feature particularly in arguments about the permissibility of torture.