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If these claims are correct--if the permissibility of paternalism doesn't simply depend on the degree of coercion--then a different account of what is objectionable about paternalism is required.
To resist the argument, one would have to drive a wedge between the permissibility of taking a risk and the permissibility of bringing about a distribution that is near certain to obtain as a result of repeating the risk.
The writer will not address spontaneous abortion because it may occur without will by the woman either because of mistake or a physical situation she suffers from because this may not have any ruling on permissibility or prohibition under both Malaysian law and Islamic jurisprudence.
In what follows, I consider the moral permissibility of the NATO-led intervention in Libya and suggest that this particular intervention highlights three issues for the ethics of humanitarian intervention in general.
Editor's Note: there are differing opinions on the permissibility of ascending the Temple Mount among halachic decisors.
Bill Clever of the athletic department's compliance office, which reviewed and signed off on the permissibility of the workouts, said this was the first time the Ducks have worked with The Program.
The report noted that regulatory restrictions surrounding the permissibility and pricing of certain products and fees will tighten margins and force small and medium-sized banks to seek consolidation opportunities in an effort to build scale and derive value from "synergies.
James Wood, QC, defending said: "What was your belief about the permissibility of doing that kind of thing?
They were also worried by the calls they heard on TV about the practices of "deceivers", which included some kind of permissibility for institutions, shops, and homes.
Admissibility as a consequence of being permitted is known as permissibility (The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 2003).
However, the other topics that were addressed included the permissibility of car raffles ("It is not permissible to buy a coupon of a specific amount for the purpose of entry in a draw for a car, because it is ambiguous and a kind of gambling"), eating dates from palm trees in public areas (permissible as long as no harm is caused to the tree) and the noisy vuvuzela ("Who ever brings it or trades in it, must ensure that its power is not over 100 decibels so as to avoid damaging people's hearing.
The airing of the Iranian series "Youssef al-Siddiq" (Joseph the faithful) more than two weeks ago on the Egyptian Melody Drama TV sparked a new controversy dispute over the permissibility of visual depictions of the prophets.