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It also stated in release that hunting shall be permissible only on Sundays and gazetted holidays.
Though the ozone layer limit in Mumbai and Pune has been within the permissible limits for the past two weeks, it is increasing in these two cities.
Dubai - The Dubai Municipality has warned the public against using Keratin hair straightening products as it contains cancer causing substance formaldehyde above the permissible limit, Al Roeya reported.
The maximum permissible value of the contract for Lot 1 in the amount of 24 515 BGN without VAT or 29 418 BGN with VAT.
This Note argues that the recent judicial interpretations of the DPPA by the Supreme Court and the Seventh Circuit have improperly limited the scope of permissible uses.
Indeed, a reasonable argument exists that a simple "helps lower cholesterol" claim, without any other indicia that the claim is a "reduces the risk of heart disease" claim, is a permissible structure/function claim.
According to the report, mandatory mode would place limits based on certain preset settings such as parental restriction on mobile usage, while permissible mode is comparatively less restrictive and provides optional changes to be chosen from.
Under the WIM, a truck is charged 300 afghanis for carrying the permissible weight and 13,500 afghanis for carrying load above the permissible weight.
The final scenes pose the questions to the audience of where torture might be permissible in various scenarios.
However, the Minister noted that social networking websites have become permissible in absolute form, reaching at times to some deviations.
In the past, I have written several columns regarding the fine line between a permissible structure/function claim and an impermissible disease claim.
Halal is an Arabic term designating any object or an action which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law.