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To become our best, oftentimes, God helps us move from one season to the next as we put what was once permissible but no longer beneficial in proper perspective.
But after tests lasting more than three hours, it was found that the radiation emitted was well within permissible limits.
Here, the permissible rate authorized in New Jersey for the services rendered by plaintiff is set forth in New Jerseys no-fault statute and applicable fee schedule.
Part II provides a brief history of the constitutional challenges to the DPPA and notes the past treatment of the statute's permissible uses in various circuits.
Indeed, a reasonable argument exists that a simple "helps lower cholesterol" claim, without any other indicia that the claim is a "reduces the risk of heart disease" claim, is a permissible structure/function claim.
Under the WIM, a truck is charged 300 afghanis for carrying the permissible weight and 13,500 afghanis for carrying load above the permissible weight.
Key words: fish growth, grass carp, heavy metal toxicity, permissible dose, sub lethal dose, non-essential heavy metals, Cd and Pb.
However, the Minister noted that social networking websites have become permissible in absolute form, reaching at times to some deviations.
He added: "Where a seriously-ill pregnant woman needs medical treatment, which may put the life of her baby at risk, such treatments are ethically permissible, provided every effort has been to save the life of both mother and baby.
It is worth mentioning that the Israeli occupation did not only limit the permissible fishing zone, but also intended to prevent a great number of fishermen (around 3600) from practicing their own trade freely and safely, even within the permissible 3-mile limit, using its warships.
The supervision of the railway track is very important for maintaining it because the above mentioned parameters have to be kept in their permissible limits.
The IRS has recently ruled that it is permissible for S corporation shareholders to pool their shares in an investment trust in order to exercise control over the S corporation's activities.