permissible evidence

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Terming the remarks as an "insult" to tens of millions of Pashtuns who are "staunch supporters" of the PTM, Nusrat, in a statement, said, "Without any legally permissible evidence, a fair trial and a court verdict supporting his position, DG ISPR's allegations are nothing but vicious propaganda against a legitimate organization that represents millions of Pashtuns."
Those allegations will not be permissible evidence in court, the judge ruled last week.
If litigation arises, then those texts have to be collected." Just collecting the data does not guarantee that it has been preserved in a manner that will allow an attorney to present it as permissible evidence.
Efforts to secure legally permissible evidence in an orderly manner are supported by building capacities and consolidating resources in the field of forensics, enabling evidence in criminal proceedings to be presented in line with constitutional principles.
"The short of it is you should consider only the legally permissible evidence,'' Judge Houran said, explaining that stipulations of facts agreed to by the lawyers, such as what happened during the disposal of Ms.
Watkins further went beyond what was permissible evidence when it presented testimony that the residue was devalued because it lost access to the proposed extension of S.R.
Newspaper and television commentators focused not only on legal arguments and on what was permissible evidence but also discussed tangential issues such as the personal tragedy of Stewart's former secretary giving damning testimony despite having received a beautiful cake from her boss for Christmas.
Morgan asked Judge Jed Rakoff to exclude the e-mails from permissible evidence on grounds they were irrelevant and might prejudice the jury.