permission to rent

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They soon had a small committee and permission to rent the scout hall in Cowcliffe.
Officials say he did not have permission to rent out the building's 119 rooms.
I applied for permission to rent some electricity from a public light lamp, which would not have affected the strength of the light.
According to the law, the community council have to apply to the district office, this then goes to the ministry of the interior which gives permission to rent out a space for a certain amount of years.
Landlords will also have to seek government permission to rent out property as labour accommodation, which will be determined by an inspection.
Forcing homeowners to go through the expensive and complicated process of seeking planning permission to rent their spaces was heavyhanded and frankly silly: a house does not stop being a house and become a car park when a parking space is rented.
In 1943 she applied for permission to rent Menabilly and finally achieved her desires with the money from Hitchcock's film.
The association has already attacked the current position - where a landlord with planning permission to rent out a shared house, and then lets it to a family, may not be allowed to switch back to a shared house at a later date.
They hounded the local authority for permission to rent a piece of land and, with the support of their local council member Ron Davies, Caerphilly council agreed to a five-year lease.
A FAMILY criticised their local council after they were prevented from moving into their dream home but granted permission to rent it out as holiday accommodation.
I don't say this in any insular way, only to remind the people concerned that permission to rent Croke Park is on a year to year basis, and that they will find it increasingly difficult to achieve this permission if they antagonise our membership.
The Associated Press (AP) recently reported that Ocean City, MD entrepreneur Kyle Swisher has asked the city Police Commission for permission to rent Segway electric scooters for use on the local boardwalk.