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In general permitting systems, to issue a general permit, the agency usually must make substantive findings about the merits of a general permit it intends to issue, such as whether the permitted activities are likely to cause significant harm to protected interests.
Insurance companies prepare their statutory financial statements using accounting practices "prescribed or permitted by the insurance department of the state of domicile" (see the sidebar, page 108).
Expand trusts permitted to own S stock to include those with multiple income beneficiaries, the ability to accumulate trust income, and trustee powers to spray income among the beneficiaries.
0,2), up to the maximum permitted building height of 120 feet.
An important provision allows some changes at a facility with only seven days prior notification to the state so long as the annual allowable permitted emissions rate from the entire facility does not increase.
to allow for the forfeiture of this very long standing rent controlled tenancy, the court must consider whether the (tenant) has facilitated, permitted and/or acquiesced in this intolerable situation".