permitted by law

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The police are willing to contact the families of the victims under the coordination of the Consulate General and give them help within the scope permitted by law.
"To those ends, my Administration shall enforce the Buy American Act to the greatest extent permitted by law," he noted.
RSPB Scotland staff found the remains of the young female, named Rannoch, caught in a spring trap in Perthshire that had been set in the open, which is not permitted by law.
'In the circumstance what the petitioners seek to do by this motion is to amend the petition because the amendment is coming after the period permitted by law.
The article 199 (a) (1), which describes the jurisdictions of the high courts in Pakistan, states that a high court can make an order 'directing a person performing, within the territorial jurisdiction of the court, functions in connection with the affairs of the federation, a province or a local authority, to refrain from doing anything he is not permitted by law to do, or to do anything he is required by law to do'.
policy to cooperate with Taiwan in every possible way permitted by law to ensure that Taiwan's free and democratic future is secured.
Judge Serrott filed a motion to dismiss the petition on September 18, 2018 asserting that his actions were proper and within the bounds permitted by law. Navidea also sought to intervene in the matter and also asserted that Judge Serrott acted properly in finding he had jurisdiction over CRG.
Other coverage features include a broad definition of insured to include independent contractors, per diem lawyers and of counsels; mutual choice of counsel; punitive damages coverage where permitted by law; up to $25,000 defense costs for disciplinary proceedings; and multiple extended reporting period (tail) options.
Responding to Kasuri's claim, Durrani said that a special assistant tothe premieris not a legislator and such an action is permitted by law.
Tooting of sirens by vehicles permitted by law, and those without permission, are seen disturbing the peace of road users and pedestrians alike.
The commission has previously determined the electoral propaganda activities permitted by law or by decisions it issued.
Any SLP filed before the Supreme Court at this stage, in my view, is likely to be dismissed by the Court on account of the long delay itself."He had, in his opinion, said that the record did not reveal any significant events or special circumstances which could be said to constitute sufficient cause for not approaching the Supreme Court within the 90 days permitted by law, or at any time thereafter in the last so many years.