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Expectedly, preferences and restrictions may also affect the mutual combinations of suffixes, more precisely their internal variability and permutability.
In terms of affix variability within the same semantic set and permutability within a sequence, a relevant phenomenon is, for example, the greater efficiency of suffix -ino and its tendency to occur as final in a sequence.
The lack of an overall linear coherence between sections permits a potential reordering of the vocal line, whereas potential permutability between the sections of the piano accompaniment is due, in large part, to the fact that none of the harmonies are goal-oriented and each nonfunctional harmony merely alternates with its neighbor before moving to the next harmonic unit.
In this respect, the permutability of Example 5 perhaps aligns more closely with Mallarme's final experiments with chance in Le Livre (The Book), unfinished at the time of his death in 1898.
Nevertheless, the fact that the sequence of events is fixed in performance (a fact which applies to works that are expressly mobile, such as Boulez's Piano Sonata) means that permutability remains a latent potential within the music.
The permeability of words, their susceptibility to alternate arrangement, is also made evident in the second trilogy by a recourse to anagrammatic rearrangement, a permutability which also leads to idiosyncratic spellings, puns, and "sound-word" coinages.
Watt on memory may also speak to the dilemma of Beckett's reader when faced with what Sam is able to convey to us, with its exhaustive, repetitive permutability.
Line-order permutability in rhyming palindromic verse arises from two causes.