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The generators of the permuted matrix are combinations of the generators of its SSS blocks.
The Measure of effectiveness (ME) used in the bond energy algorithm in such a way that an array, which possesses dense clumps of numerically large elements, will have a large ME when compared to the same array whose rows and columns have been permuted so that its numerically large elements are more uniformly distributed throughout the array.
Chapters describe research in nonlinear behaviors of microwrinkles under compression, tricritical phenomena in nonionic microemulsion systems and constant temperature and pressure, single molecular detection on circularly permuted green fluorescent protein, and surface and interfacial tension behavior of novel alkyl methylnaphthalene sulfonate surfactant solutions.
In such a situation, a statistical test of the occurrence of human-to-human transmission is still meaningful because the likelihood ratio test statistic is still estimable from the permuted datasets.
We used a random-numbers table to generate group assignments in permuted block sizes of 100, and placed sealed envelopes with the assignments at each recruitment site.
The rotors, or wheels, could be permuted in 60 ways, the three wheels could be set initially in 17,576 ways, while the plugboard could go through 150 million million circuit changes, so that altogether there were 158 million million million possible settings for every message.
in spoken language: phonemes, words) are repeatedly permuted and combined to yield larger units (words, sentences) higher in a hierarchy, and more diverse in structure and function than their constituents" (Studdert-Kennedy 202).
Permuted Global Permutations statistics Data set used Factors R available > global R All trap/ FL0 vs.
subject heading list: Alphabetic list, tree structures, permuted list.
In the second step, the sequence of the found amino acids of the peptide is determined by the program by scoring the agreement between expected and observed fragment ion signals of the permuted sequences.
Many permutation tests involve the reordering of a matrix such that both columns and rows are permuted similarly.
The opera's opening twelve-note row, which charts the key scheme for each of the twelve scenes, but is never permuted serially (fortunately--it consists of nine thirds and two seconds), is virtually inaudible on the videotape.