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Histogram of 10,000 permuted simulations of principle components analysis (PCA) population centroid distance.
0001: none of the 9999 likelihood-based scan statistics computed from the permuted samples was larger than the likelihood-based scan statistic computed from the observed sample.
The pixels from the diffused image will be permuted as follows:
Note that the first polygon of permuted triangles is always reserved to host the information about the number of initial faces detected in the image, unlike the original watermarking method where this polygon was reserved for synchronization purposes.
Established in 2004, Permuted Press has published over 400 works as an industry-leading independent publisher of sci-fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic and horror fiction.
j] = jN/B [for all] j [member of] [B] of frequency locations in the permuted spectrum, and by pre-calculating the initial values of w, t, [D.
2] the permuted rerandomized ciphertext sequence [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
The randomization procedure was password protected, webbased, using permuted blocks and stratified by study center and invasive procedure.
When one regression's SSE is much lower than another's, I test whether this difference was significantly different from zero by comparing the observed difference in SSE ([DELTA] SSE) with the [DELTA] SSE generated by the same models for 1000 randomly permuted datasets, which represent the null hypothesis that species richness is random with respect to island area, age, or habitat diversity.
Ten thousand permuted samples were generated and the RPM analysis was performed on each permuted sample.
So I'd say that--even at the single-season level--there is evidence that hitting streaks of pretty much every length are more likely to occur in real life than if the games were randomly permuted.