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By permuting the equations of the original system, we can assume without loss of generality that the linear restrictions on the columns of X (x) satisfy the condition rank ([Q.
Again, because the data violate assumptions of ANCOVA, a Monte Carlo simulation in SAS was performed by randomizing mite totals and permuting these data in the ANCOVA analysis 1000 times.
The results of decomposition analysis with permuting reference groups are reported in Table 2.
if a real-mode author such as the munshid assembles a text improvisationally, by drawing on all the sonic and lexemic resources of a language, and permuting them in novel ways).
Edgington (1980), in contrast, stated that no test of interaction could be done by permuting raw data in this way (see Introduction, above).
Permuting the left sides of p and q together, but leaving r and s invariant, will clearly not affect whether an interpretation is a model.
To test this, a statistic of association between the two matrices is compared to the distribution of that statistic obtained from numerous realizations of permuting the elements of one of the matrices.
In most cases queries must be answered on-line, so randomly permuting the input is impractical.
After permuting the rows and columns using the arrays generated by piecewise linear chaotic map (PWLCM), each pixel of the original image is encoded into four nucleotides by the deoxyribo nucleic acid (DNA) coding.
2 Let (u[upsilon] be a decomposable word and let [upsilon]' be a word obtained from [upsilon] by permuting the entries.
We observed a similar behaviour in our preliminary experiments and used MC64 for scaling and permuting the original matrix.
Each word in the list is the result of replacing a single letter in the name of a chemical element with another and permuting the ensuing collection.