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Again, because the data violate assumptions of ANCOVA, a Monte Carlo simulation in SAS was performed by randomizing mite totals and permuting these data in the ANCOVA analysis 1000 times.
The results of decomposition analysis with permuting reference groups are reported in Table 2.
if a real-mode author such as the munshid assembles a text improvisationally, by drawing on all the sonic and lexemic resources of a language, and permuting them in novel ways).
By permuting the blocks, SCPRE tries to put entries that are larger in magnitude into the block upper-triangular part.
2] = 0, where the two latter are determined by permuting the indices and substituting with 1 - [alpha] in (15) and (16), define the parametric conditions under which exchange occurs, does not occur, or occurs at a reduced rate.
Summing over all distinct profiles d and permuting rows and combining determinants one arrives at [[summation].
The first three are based on the idea of symmetrically permuting B to block triangular form and using cutsets to obtain triangular diagonal blocks.
The keys to the piece, now as then, are its physical presence, the slightly enigmatic sound-image relationships, and the constantly permuting synthesis of hues and patterns--what Sharits termed a "pulsating dialectic"--that emanates from the roughly six-minute film loops whose monochromatic images are set into overlapping interplay by the quartet of projectors.
The first requirement to be met in permuting the matrix A into 2 x 2 block structure (1.
Ben-Ner's video Treehouse Kit, 2005, follows a Robinson Crusoe-like figure--the artist, in shorts and fake beard--stranded in a room, comically permuting flat-packed furniture into and out of the form of a tree (also on exhibition).
2 Let (u[upsilon] be a decomposable word and let [upsilon]' be a word obtained from [upsilon] by permuting the entries.
In the case of symmetric indefinite matrices, we are interested in symmetrically permuting P [AP.