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Pernicious anemia and Helicobacter pylori infection in Japan: evaluate on a country with a high prevalence of infection.
The cause of Vit [B.sub.12] deficiency and neurological manifestations in our cases appear to be due to age, pernicious anemia, dietary habits and hitherto unknown factors.
Treatment for pernicious anemia eventually reduces the symptoms caused by nutrient deficiencies.
Pernicious anemia, which is a megaloblastic anemia, results owing to the deficiency of this vitamin, which is uncommon in India.
Recent studies, however, have shown that many H pylori infected patients have AGPA and that pernicious anemia earlier considered not to be associated with H pylori infection is presently believed to be H pylori infection associated.
We therefore believe that the availability of this new IFAB assay provides an opportunity for increased and more expeditious testing and diagnosis of pernicious anemia.
He insists that all persons, especially the elderly, could easily be given sufficient [B.sub.12] to prevent pernicious anemia anyway.
Its existence made pernicious anemia easily treated without the necessity for eating excessive amounts of liver.
Conquest of pernicious anemia was completed with the discovery of vitamin B-12, the substance in liver extracts responsible for earlier cures.
Vitamin B12 deficiency is well-known to cause pernicious anemia, a megaloblastic anemia in which the red blood cells are abnormally formed, and supplementation may be able to reverse the neurological damage.
Since 1000 mcg of oral [B.sub.12] treats nearly all causes of [B.sub.12] deficiency (including pernicious anemia and deficiency from gastric bypass surgery), empiric treatment is a reasonable alternative as long as serum [B.sub.12] and symptoms are monitored for therapeutic response.