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Isn't propaganda the propagation of false, indeed, perniciously false beliefs?
16) And while Posner endorses a view that he describes as "everyday pragmatism," he dismisses the notion of deliberative liberalism ("political democracy conceived of as the pooling of different ideas and approaches and the selection of the best through debate and discussion") as hopelessly and perniciously utopian.
We have been forced to rely more and more on the education module that reflects the views of its author - the corporation, with its corporate ethic of profit being the good perniciously replacing our own, such as the Golden Rule," Schultz said, adding, "I have designated it the Platinum Rule: `Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, unless you can make a profit at it and avoid accountability.
Privilege may be an active mindset of intentional devaluation of other worldviews, but it exists most perniciously as a sort of inertia of perceptions, most often analogized as the water within which a fish swims, the fish being unaware that the water is even there because of its very omnipresence.
Nicholas, Naidoo and Pretorius (2006) have recorded the contentious history of career psychology in South Africa and concluded that 'politics, economics and prevailing social conditions have perniciously affected the nature, form and direction of career psychology in South Africa' (p.
Finally, and most perniciously, as educators we can document the harm that collegiate spectator sports have done to what used to be a reasonably worthy pursuit: educating students.
Pluralism has developed as the art world's most effective metaphor for social diversity, and efforts to curtail pluralism through, for example, the promotion of essentializing theories of ceramics would be the rhetorical equivalent of seeking to establish a social system centred on concepts of ideal citizenship and, more perniciously, of deviance.
Voegelin," Meins Coetsier applies the insights of one of conservatism's seminal twentieth-century thinkers to a perniciously reductive but widely and respectfully received account of mankind's origin and destiny.
Ruiz levies two central accusations against Elizondo's work in Galilean Journey: (1) anti-intellectualism in its construction of Galilean Judaism and, more perniciously, (2) unexamined anti-Judaism flowing from sources in German biblical scholarship, promoting a stark distinction between Jesus and Galilean Judaism on the one hand, and Jerusalem and the Jewish authorities on the other.
Most people still think mobile phones split up and rush our lives, but the reality is that it doesn't seem to be a perniciously accelerating technology," the Age quoted time-use expert Michael Bittman as saying.
204) In short, the acceptance of documentary self-testimony is plainly not seen as perniciously circular when ordinary decisions are made about the admissibility of evidence.
And the ultimate effect, he argues, is that the state underprosecutes and therefore may indirectly increase, non-drug violent or property crime, or, equally perniciously, may drive drug criminals from certain profitable nonviolent drug transactions to others that may have more potential for violence.