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Both Justice Stevens' dissent and the majority in Citizens United addressed the role of corporate finances on United States politics--the former distressed at its perniciousness, (170) while the latter considered it irrelevant.
Feiffer, a liberal Jew almost a generation removed from Eisner, was more sensitized to the perniciousness of these stereotypes and says he experienced real discomfort in the figure of Ebony.
WITH HIS NEW BOOK, MADE IN AMERICA, Claude Fischer is quietly but unmistakably walking away from one of the contemporary American historical profession's most ingrained assumptions--a belief in the inadequacy and perniciousness of the concept of "national character.
It's been over one hundred and fifty years since writers like Manzoni (see the character of Don Ferrante in The Betrothed) and Flaubert (Bouvard et Pecuchet) tried to warn us about the perniciousness of this superficial type of reading.
g, or the perniciousness of religious belief), so they should not be allowed to get away with making simplistic and unfounded generalizations or with demolishing strawmen, which is usually what they do.
Merely toppling a pernicious regime does not necessarily rid the place of perniciousness.
There was "another way to read the PDA," one better attuned to the perniciousness of gender discrimination that prompted passage of the statute.
At the same time as inquiring into the oppressive effects of masculinist discourse and gendered identity construction the novel examines the perniciousness of racial stereotyping.
The perniciousness of the pieza system was long felt after the legal abolition of the export slave trade, as even ordinary West Africans internalized the predatory character it forged.
1) In this essay I will argue that Sabina Berman's 1993 box office smash hit, Entre Villa y una mujer desnuda, underscores the perniciousness of Mexican male identity as depicted by Paz.
The perniciousness of that drive colors the behaviors throughout the organization.
The perniciousness of Churchill's role lies not in his contribution to the march to war but in the way he shaped historical memory of the events of that portentous decade.