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24) As the expenditures increase and the perniciousness of rhetoric increases, the public's confidence in the fairness of the judiciary will continue to seep away.
First, "it introduces some chilling concerns about difference and its perceived perniciousness that become a subtext in the genre of detection because of this genre's close affiliation with the development of criminology" (193).
The perniciousness of the law office search has recently been the focus of national attention.
The perniciousness of the theory of power as resistance (not production) and its complicity with capitalism in pacifying the masses becomes more clear in such reactionary tracts as Lyotard's "On the Strength of the Weak," which serves as one of the main theoretical texts upon which the retrograde writings of Ross Chambers are founded--texts that in turn serve as the master theory of reading in [Hill].
Haj Saleh sensed their perniciousness long ago, stating that liberty was not possible in the Middle East, partly because "regimes are exempted from the human and political obligations
The real perniciousness of their vile Health and Social Care Act is that it sidesteps an Apocalyptic confrontation by slyly selling off the NHS chunk by profitable chunk - instead of in one go like water or coal in the past.
Although humorous and light-hearted in tone, Fielding's lyrics nonetheless make a serious point about Anglo-French cultural relations and the perceived perniciousness of France's influence on England.
Subsequently, Dabholkar started focusing on the eradication of superstitions, and joined the Akhil Bharatiya Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (ABANS), an organisation devoted to opening the minds of people on the perniciousness of superstitious beliefs.