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On the opposite end of the spectrum, Keith Olbermann has come on strong but can't resist a nightly anti-O'Reilly blast, and there is evidence of a distinct slide when Rachel Maddow commences her often-wonky perorations.
Maybe I'm biased, but I found this fellow Yorkshireman's clarity and frankness thoroughly convincing, in marked contrast to the usual egocentric, cliche-ridden perorations one tends to hear at food industry events.
And when this status is grudgingly conferred, their theories are consigned to serving as appendices to the main discussions dominated by the perorations of the "Western Tradition" (4) To corroborate Taiwo's timely observation, jurisprudential problems such as the nature of law, the source and grounds of obligation, the nature of justice, the relation between law and morality, and a few others, have received less and insipid attention in Western literature in relationship to jurisprudence.
The prestige enjoyed by oratory in the first half of the century, she argues, not only shaped the content of the daily paper, with its extensive accounts of parliamentary debates, academic perorations and the like, but also provided a discursive model imitated by the heterogeneous array of writers who contributed to the huge number of journals published in Paris.
So, as has been his custom when delivering such perorations, he reiterated the now incriminating thought to his audience: "We hope that all revolutionaries, as we become old, will be capable of understanding that we are biologically and lamentably old.
President Lincoln got away with front-loading the Gettysburg Address with a summary of the nation's founding precepts, but that was a different time--when you become a wartime president, people will put up with your introductory perorations.
Adding insult to injury, David Rimanelli, in his contribution to The Mourning Stutterer--the mock newspaper that accompanied the show--proposes Tourette's syndrome as an alternative model for this "stumbling, shuffling, fractured" art, characterized as it is by "histrionic perorations of hatred, disgust, nausea.
How, for instance, did silk breeches and thunderous perorations look and sound from the audience?
At one long stretch, he projects his perorations with unwavering energy while standing naked on a table and confronting the audience.
Does that mean were in for another two years of bizarre perorations on Waco and Mexican drug trafficking, and "Beam me up, Mr.
In my view, recapitulations are hardly perorations.
It's a safe bet that critics throughout history have always been fond of their writing and have believed themselves to be excellent at their various perorations.