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The peroration was mag- nificent, though difficult to remember, you know.
And as often (and it was very often) as an orator of this kind brought into his peroration,
If, said Mr Wegg by way of peroration, he had erred in saying only 'Halves
CLIVE Rowlands, the Welsh coach, gave perorations at which few stood aloof, often exhorting players to think of their friends, their families, to feel proud as their representatives, all to mould a force of men.
These performances are so natural, transitions made effortlessly, detail emerging organically, perorations understated and so convincing.
In this year the masks fell, politicians' eloquent perorations evaporated and slogans fell flat in the face of harsh new realities.
Fans of classic cocktails, on both sides of the bar, might roll their eyes at LaBonte's gastronomic perorations.
Morsi is given to long perorations heavy on Koranic quotations.
The most amazing budget statements by a UK Chancellor of the Exchequer in my lifetime must have been George Osborne's perorations in the House of Commons last week.
Hassan Shehata's men will start perorations on the 11th of each month, according to the Egyptian Football Association.
I saw the members of almost all other factions crowding around him in the members' cafeteria and listening to his perorations with rapt attention in the plenum.
There are also references to kinship terms, the order of heirs, inheritance patterns, perorations, houses and saints, land, animals, debts, the final section of the testament, executors, witnesses, officials, language, Toluca Valley Nahuatl orthography, and phonology.