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39) Shortly after Lauro was arrested, he was taken on a perp walk:
These results showed that Perp is part of the cellular glue that fastens cells together and has a dual role in the prevention of breast cancer.
She and her associates produced mice lacking Perp, allowing them, unexpectedly, to identify a role that Perp plays in the skin.
I think the ride-along and the perp walk have legitimate news value.
By not securing the downed perp before doing anything else, we are asked to believe Anders was both very seasoned, but stupid.
As Jake taps various departments and people to gain better insights on the victims, he draws important connections between them and begins to map out scenarios that will lead him to the perp.
The perp jumps into the car and takes off," the New York Daily News quoted a police source as saying.
We think the more proper reaction is indignation -- and a demand that the perp walk march again.
CONSPIRACY is the third in the series and here the spunky young detective sniffs out who the perp is in the Queen's murder plot.
The seizure of plaintiff and publication of his image during the staged perp walk" invaded his privacy interests in a way that is "recognized as meaningful under the Fourth Amendment.
Contract notice: Management of employee savings schemes (enterprise savings plan), perp (popular retirement savings plan) and perco (collective saving plan) for employees of the oph.