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Under the submerged operating condition, results obtained showed a lower stress in the mooring line when the direction of water current and wave are parallel to the longline system as compared with perpendicular direction.
The primary objective of this exploration is to familiarise the students with the concepts of the perpendicular bisector.
t[perpendicular to]] are unknown coefficients corresponding to parallel and perpendicular components of the respective fields.
Theorem 1 The segment B'C' is perpendicular to the plane IA'[A.
The transmission spectrum displayed by the array towards light polarized perpendicular (TM) to the nanotubes was also simulated, as shown in Figure 4.
The tension perpendicular to the grain (IB) and MOR and MOE in bending tests were performed according to ASTM D1037-06a (ASTM International 2006).
Then turn 90 degrees to the course with the needle perpendicular to the new course on the arc, keeping the OBS centered, thus essentially making an RMI of your HSI.
4] is the unique timelike unit vector field perpendicular to the 3-dimensional subspace {[[xi].
A perpendicular electrode orientation records the electrical activity of separate muscle fibers and therefore, can affect the absolute EMG amplitude and mean power frequency (MPF) values during a muscle action (2,18,20).
Por estas propiedades, la aleacion FePt ha atraido la atencion de la industria informatica, entre otras, por sus potenciales aplicaciones en el desarrollo de medios para almacenamiento magnetico de ultra alta densidad (~1 terabyte/pulgada2), en particular, para medios de almacenamiento magnetico perpendicular [5, 6].