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Critically, this analysis demonstrates that those reporting school bullying are significantly more likely to perpetrate physical or sexual IPV," the authors concluded.
Computer technology could facilitate or perpetrate each of these offenses.
Typically, a parent or primary caregiver perpetrates these cases.
Troubled homeowners should be wary of scam artists who charge outrageous fees and perpetrate schemes of deceit and fraud while claiming to be foreclosure rescuers," declared Ms.
SANTA CLARITA - Attention, those who assist the elderly across the street, who pick up trash and who perpetrate good deeds without fanfare or expectation of reward - there may be a free sundae, car wash or burger in your future.
The church typically ignores the subject, but they should be engaging it in order to gain understanding about humanity and why we perpetrate moral terror on each other.
We need to realize that we can't go out and perpetrate evil on Muslims and Arabs simply because of their race.
The Company intends to enjoin Dadon from taking actions that violate the law and perpetrate a fraud on the Company by representing to any person or entity that he is Chairman of the Board or any other officer of the Company, or is an employee, representative or agent of the Company, or is authorized to enter into agreements or make statements on behalf of the Company.
could make it easier to perpetrate a deceptive scheme and get away with it,'' said Jodie Bernstein, director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection, ``(but it) turns that medium into a tool for warning potential scammers that they can't count on going undetected.
Additionally, the Company's products and solution offerings can help identify those who perpetrate fraud and otherwise pose a threat to public safety.
Transact-Secure provides merchants who generate sales through Web sites and call centers alike, an unparalleled extra layer of protection against fraud and those who perpetrate it," McDonnell said.