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How about a working-class, Puerto Rican woman who becomes an Orthodox Jew and perpetrates as bourgeoisie?
Opportunity deals with an employee's ability to perpetrate and conceal a fraud.
Generally, those employees who perpetrate workplace violence are Caucasian males.
The wardens are sadists who perpetrate cruelty in the name of discipline, forcing soldiers on the brink of collapse beyond endurance to struggle up a brutal incline known as The Hill, a manmade, torturous tower of sand seared by a white-hot sun.
The moral landscape we jointly inhabit is dis-figured by all too many people who, acting from very bad characters, perpetrate manifest evils.
in this case, the same computer system used to perpetrate the fraud enabled the city to trace the fraudulent entries.
stated, "The fact that a lawyer in good standing with the Bar can perpetrate a fraud such as this without ramifications from the District Attorney's office or the Bar Association is simply unbelievable.
53 times the odds as non-bullies to perpetrate IPV, whereas frequent bullies had 3.
Lawlessness has permitted evil men to perpetrate crimes, and a bureaucrat must be deputized.
Currently it is a felony to perpetrate a hoax like falsely claiming there is a bomb on an airplane, and it also is a felony to communicate in interstate commerce threatening harm to another.
International law defines those who perpetrate these atrocities as criminals.
Because most police organizations do not have a cohesive entity that measures offenses where criminals either criminally target a computer or use one to perpetrate a crime, accurate statistics remain difficult to obtain.