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How about a working-class, Puerto Rican woman who becomes an Orthodox Jew and perpetrates as bourgeoisie?
Furthermore, there are females who attempted to perpetrate suicide attacks, however their efforts were thwarted before they had a chance to actualize their plans.
Those who perpetrate violence often provide some warning in the form of verbal threats, have histories of intimidating others, may exhibit decreased work performance, have erratic attendance, and exhibit symptoms of paranoia or depression (Baron, 1993).
Buratai added that those politicians planned to disrupt a peaceful conduct of the election by infiltrating domestic staff of political opponents, employing mercenaries to carry out assassinations and taking advantage of the farmers/herders crisis, armed political thugs and ethnic militias to perpetrate violent acts that included bombings.
In a statement of claim accompanying the writ, the estate company said it would contend at the trial that Access Bank Ghana PLC had given its blessings to the supposed holder of an account that had been opened in its name to perpetrate fraud on it, and or that the defendant is in cahoots with the supposed holder to perpetrate the name fraud.
Opportunity deals with an employee's ability to perpetrate and conceal a fraud.
The moral landscape we jointly inhabit is dis-figured by all too many people who, acting from very bad characters, perpetrate manifest evils.
in this case, the same computer system used to perpetrate the fraud enabled the city to trace the fraudulent entries."
Ritualists also use unregistered taxi to perpetrate their evil plans.
Summary: New Delhi [India], November 10 (ANI): A Tihar Jail official on Thursday told the Patiala House Court that sexual harassment allegations raised by suspected Al-Qaeda operative and British national Samiun Rahman, who was arrested on charges of radicalising the Rohingyas to fight the Myanmar Army, is endeavour to perpetrate security system.
How will the lawbreaking and life-destroying men who perpetrate the abuse be dealt with?