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Since evidence indicates that relationships exist between perpetrating date violence and various variables, then one should be able to directly investigate behavioral variables as predictors for the perpetration of violent acts in dating situations.
These subtests consisted of questions contributing to the various forms of date abuse (perpetrating physical date violence, perpetrating psychological date violence, experiencing physical date abuse, experiencing psychological date abuse).
After entering the initial independent variable of perpetrating psychological abuse into the hierarchical regression analysis, results showed that 34% of perpetrating physical abuse variance was accounted for by the perpetration of psychological abuse with [R.
The adolescents in the present study demonstrated high levels of perpetrating both physical and psychological date abuse.
The results of the present study regarding the higher percentages of experiencing and perpetrating dating violence may suggest some support for both racial and residency relationships.
These three predictors each contributed significantly to explaining the variance for perpetrating physical date violence.
Among the 351 girls who reported perpetrating one form of violence, 44.
Israel, once more, affirms to the world its mastery in perpetrating massacres.