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Through this academy, we want to make sure that workers who worked in the Egina FPSO are perpetually employed and we want to make sure that more workers are trained for future projects,' she added.
All officials were ordered dismissed and perpetually barred from government service.
Furthermore, the court stated that the property's use must be restricted perpetually regardless of any agreement between the parties, and, therefore, SMNLT'S approval of any future substitutions was irrelevant.
EcoPath, which is perpetually recyclable, is a sustainable matting solution that complements any style motif and protects valuable floors while helping facilities achieve their top green potential by contributing toward LEED building certification.
However, in Sverre Fehn's perpetually ravishing Nordic pavilion, Norway, Sweden and Finland did not disappoint, presenting a study of Arctic cities Tromso, Kiruna and Oulu (slyly described as the Venice of the North), which examined the effects of the warming of the polar ice cap among more mundane development pressures.
Lucy is just a typical teen living in a house with gargoyles, perpetually dead grass, and so many locks on the front door she color-matches her keys to them.
Video underlined the theme of perpetually shifting place: Toy houses milled around like cars; violent winds and waters evoked hurricanes; a desolate street summoned subconscious fears.
Alexander Garden, an aide-decamp to Major General Nathanael Greene, wrote in his Anecdotes of the American Revolutionary War that Jasper was "a perfect Proteus in his ability to alter his appearance, perpetually entering the camp of the enemy without detection, and invariably returning to his own with soldiers he had seduced or prisoners he had captured.
This high-end retail property has been an excellent performer for us, remaining perpetually leased and increasing substantially in value," said Michael Basile, senior vice president of real estate with HB Nitkin.
Much as savages were figured as "children" in the 19th century evolutionary discourse, many contemporary Malagasy young men have become perpetual youth, and perpetually poor, thereby challenging normative models of human development that emerged in the context of modernity.
99) tells of a boy perpetually punished by a brutal father who locks him in a basement.
Fitzgerald posits that, having hijacked Keynesian economic theory, the powerful military-industrial complex perpetually steers our country toward a state of war in order to line the pockets of war profiteers and to keep our (war) economy running with the "wrong kind of jobs.