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This award was established in 1986 to perpetuate the memory of William J.
These systems are self-organizing; they involve a dynamic process that creates and perpetuates a dynamic pattern and vice versa (Lewin 1992)
The three-star UEx will be a corps, and will perpetuate the lineages and honors of an historical corps.
The Humanist community shouldn't be detracting from the problem at hand by participating in the charter school movement that instead produces poor academic results, perpetuates the stratification of society, advances a parochial educational atmosphere, and reduces public education funding.
Since the literary discussion ignores such visual and verbal genres as fine art, postcards, figurines, political cartoons, advertisements, children's literature, periodicals, and so on, that also perpetuate the notion of mythic southern distinctiveness, why not also include an analysis of literary works by black writers?
This shift in political polarities is dictated by partisan interests, of course: Either party, once in power, seeks to alter the constitutional system to perpetuate its advantage.
They may be smoked, drunk in teas, used as capsules of tinctures, or even chewed Another part of quitting is to analyze relapse triggers and figure out how to avoid them, so you may want to choose not to smoke your herbs if you feel this practice will perpetuate your habit.
A Tribute or Memorial gift to the Georgia Nurses Foundation will honor a friend or perpetuate the memory of a loved one while supporting the important work of the Foundation.
A request to adopt and perpetuate the battle honours of the Special Service Force (the Devil's Brigade) by the JTF2 was rejected by NDHQ on the grounds that members of the Forces are recruited from all branches of the Canadian Forces.
To be honest, we often perpetuate this stereotype at camp conventions by dedicating long sessions to games and icebreakers that are supposed to pass as staff training.
Each one has given up dreams; each one has made choices that perpetuate the self-hatred that causes Keisha to feel that somehow they are all "born in sin"--doomed to poverty, ignorance, and self-destruction.
Knowing only the redundant literature, the world of the keiretsu, and the fleshpots of Tokyo, it is no wonder that those lacking perspective would perpetuate the myth.