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Dasgupta told ANI, "It only shows how corruption has perpetuated inside the judiciary.
The verses range from regretful elegy to lashing critiques of perpetuated injustice.
He details why he considers string theory not to really be a theory, but simply a hunch that has been perpetuated by leaders in the physics community who refuse to acknowledge its failure.
In a nutshell: A sober, absorbing portrait of a man whose precise insight into his damaged soul only perpetuated his torment.
The special-troops battalion of each Brigade Combat Team will perpetuate the lineages and honors of the headquarters company of the brigade being perpetuated by the Brigade Combat Team.
During recent meetings with church leaders in Toronto, Bishop Dandala urged Canadian churches to become part of an ecumenical movement that will ensure that Christianity--which is growing exponentially in Africa--"does not break down the social bonds that have made the African people withstand so much of the socio-political and economic bonds that have been perpetuated against the continent of Africa,"
Written by a British churchman and first published in 1954, End of an Exile: Israel, the Jews and the Gentile World is a testimony in direct response to anti-Israel animosity perpetuated both then and fifty years later today.
In her piece she generally laments culturally perpetuated generalizations.
The cult of virginity that is created and perpetuated by abstinence-only education actually increases unsafe sex.
Carnes posits that all but the highest fraternal rituals further perpetuated a gendered bifurcation of society, constructing male identities that were predicated upon men's alienation from both women in the household and from religious spheres that also carried the taint of femaleness in Victorian culture.
This myth is perpetuated by insiders who justify sneaking out for a day of fun in the sun.
The emergence of a disease requires two steps: introduction into the human population and perpetuated transmission.