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Instead, he said he had a problem with "British celebrities" being flown out to Africa by Comic Relief to make films which send "a distorted image" of the continent and perpetuate "an old idea from the colonial era".
The most prestigious award given by Rubber Division, ACS, was established in 1941 to perpetuate the memory of Charles Goodyear as the discoverer of the vulcanization of rubber, by honoring individuals for outstanding invention, innovation or development which has resulted in a significant change or contribution to the nature of the rubber industry.
"It also perpetuates the right of return narrative in order to eliminate the state of Israel, therefore UNRWA must become a thing of the past," Netanyahu said.
It is that they perpetuate the same lies and are constantly trying to rewrite their history, portraying white people as bad men.
One matter is clear: individually and collectively, we are active participants of a global-scale, socio-cultural and economic system that perpetuates, and is dependent upon, vast infrastructures.
Some opponents of charter school education maintain that this type of insular learning actually perpetuates the stratification of society.
Since the literary discussion ignores such visual and verbal genres as fine art, postcards, figurines, political cartoons, advertisements, children's literature, periodicals, and so on, that also perpetuate the notion of mythic southern distinctiveness, why not also include an analysis of literary works by black writers?
Yet one can see how the tool perpetuates the condition, making the breath increasingly weaker as well as diminishing the capacity to release the pain and breathe in new joy.
This statistic, based on skewed studies of kids already in counseling, only perpetuates the myth that we're unbalanced, desperate for attention, and just a little overdramatic.
Acknowledging that the death penalty can be "well-founded," he stresses that the execution of someone who deserves it perpetuates and feeds into a society that accepts the death penalty, not only for the unborn and aged, but now the handicapped, according to Peter Singer.
The idea that the economic development of any town should be based on someone else's garbage simply perpetuates the cargo cult so prevalent in many parts of rural Canada.
Their findings suggest that the protein perpetuates the chronic inflammation that characterizes Crohn's disease, a painful gut disorder.