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Instead, the programs rely on arcane notions of "virginity," perpetuating double standards and promoting a puritanical code of silence regarding strategies for protection and prevention.
Parade organizers and other Italian heritage groups have denounced the show as perpetuating Mafia stereotypes.
Are we perpetuating the stereotyping of Native Americans?
Catharine, the Sisters of Loretto, and the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth made a public apology for their communities' role in perpetuating slavery at a reconciliation service in Bardstown, Kentucky in December.
And hence a 'new architecture [that] organizes the world by arranging the spaces between things rather than perpetuating the myth of ideal form'.
But the principal reason for perpetuating Cold War-level military spending is the durability of the Cold War mentality.
Years of steady growth and many satisfied customers demonstrate our dedication to superior customer service and excellence in hardware technology, thus expanding and perpetuating our company's impressive record of success.
Council districts that have no integrity are a key piece in perpetuating a system that for so long has failed to serve the people of Los Angeles.
Perpetuating Poverty - a tightly edited collection of 16 essays by such notables as Nicholas Eberstadt, George B.
Dust outbreaks in Africa and elsewhere, which are caused by changes in climate, are thought in turn to affect climate--perhaps, as some have suggested, perpetuating the droughts that caused them.
Kennedy Memorial has been dedicated to perpetuating his vision by encouraging respect for human rights and justice in the United States and around the world.
Pete Knight has done a wonderful job of perpetuating the old fears and misconceptions of gays over the years.