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I find a huge percentage of agency owners and insurance company people promoting perpetuation still do not know this omnipotent tax rule exists.
However, they must be re-examined in light of long-term perpetuation.
I'd bet that even fewer agency principals than that actually have a succession or perpetuation plan in place.
Audiences are presented with a multitude of images of Black women fighting, arguing, and cursing at one another in this manufactured world of "reality television." This perpetuation of negative, insidious racial and gender stereotypes influences how the U.S.
Most independent agency owners don't think about perpetuation as one of their avenues toward premium growth--but they should.
An estimated 55% to 60% of agents and brokers in the independent agent distribution channel of the property/casualty sector are not hiring enough producers to meet their growth and perpetuation goals.
Salt Lake City, UT, January 20, 2015 --( Soles4Souls, the global not-for-profit institution dedicated to fighting the devastating impact and perpetuation of poverty, is ramping up efforts to help individuals in need this year.
The Kyrgyz State Circus was named after Abubakir Izibayev, the decision was taken on December 5 by the government commission for perpetuation of outstanding persons of Kyrgyzstan, the circus told AKIpress on Tuesday.
It considers how social and religious ideologies and myths spread, it examines political changes and the Islam world, and it considers the evolution and perpetuation of lies and violence in Islam nations.
Perpetuation: The fungus remains in diseased canes or plant debris, which remains lying in the fields after the harvest of crop.
Ashrawi welcomed the Consul General to Palestine and said, "Both the Israeli and American governments must come to terms with the requirements for peace and justice, and understand that the key to genuine security is the realization of Palestinian rights, not the perpetuation of Israel's illegal system of colonization and ethnic cleansing." During the political briefing with Dr.
The YDA has demanded for immediate withdrawal of such orders saying the perpetuation of these orders will do only disservice to the nation.