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If they say yes (and upwards of five million of them will), I'm going to say: "You have just forfeited your right to pass judgement on any matter of morality, you perpetuator of evil.
But Leavitt said his organization "bristles at the notion we're a consolidator;" it rather views itself as trying to be a perpetuator of the independent agency system.
As the power of English as a global language grows, concerns about the language's role as a perpetuator of western values and cultural hegemony are receiving increased attention.
If there is a sufficient basis for pursuing the personal liability of the owners or control group of the perpetuator, issues of successor liability may well become moot.
But if we discerned his true meaning, shouldn't we be suspicious of Christianity itself, as a perpetuator, along with Judaism, of a "slave" morality?
It is she, not her mother, who will be the perpetuator of Bobe's magic.
Mistakes", or "involuntarily crimes" as described by the law are often the conclusion of such situations, making the penalty on the perpetuator less severe.
Much to my humiliation, I've been an unthinking perpetuator of this distracting behavior myself," Pollack added.
The link suggested by Mr Coucher is the perpetuator of the North-South divide.
Not only did Luley eventually give him the OK, but she worked extensively with him to get the dances just right, to the point where he says she "adopted" him as the perpetuator of the dances, even though he's impatient to get back to his own work.
The white woman herself thus appears to have been a powerful creator and perpetuator of the myths that Clinton suggests imprisoned her: the myths of the Southern lady and the Edenic Southern plantation.
This is not the case when the perpetuator is Muslim or Arab, the sequence of reactions change from shock to condemnation of a whole culture and Islamophobic coverage.