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If they do, they qualify for equity positions in the agencies that can lead them to becoming agency perpetuators.
More than Rs one crore of fraud was committed on 04th Dec 2013 , exposing the finance officer of the NGO, Muhammad Luqman as the perpetuator, while the NGO rather hit its most honest and loyal employee , Shahzad Aslam employed since long over mere suspicions.
We strongly rejected the idea of taking part in elections with fresh blood, and we listed several demands to the state, on top of which was the punishment of the perpetuator," said SPAP leader Medhat El-Zahed.
The experience of bullying in childhood can have profound effects on mental health in adulthood, particularly among youths involved in bullying as both a perpetuator and a victim," she added.
Moreover, Osman explained that the law states that strict prison terms is the penalty for torture, but that in case of death as a result of torture, the perpetuator faces the same charges of first degree murder, which is the death penalty.
The law gives them a green light on corruption, knowing conflicts would be eventually resolved through reconciliation with the original perpetuator," Gad commented.
In practice, it means that any head of a district in Cairo who observes a violation would be able to immediately arrest the perpetuator," said Mostafa.
All of which was a direct cause of the revolution, as perpetuators of such crimes should be behind bars according to the law, the constitution and international conventions against torture.
In the army, crimes committed by soldiers go through the chain of command up to the president, delaying immediate action being taken against the perpetuators.
ISLAMABAD, December 15, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) Wednesday condemned the killing of Mohammad Khan Sasoli, President of Khuzdar Press Club in Baluchistan on Tuesday night by unknown assailants and demanded of the government to ensure arrest of perpetuators.
Meanwhile, the main perpetuators of those violations are the police, followed by government institutions, then citizens, whether they are undercover agents or other opposition groups.
Widespread protests erupted in Juba on Tuesday, with demonstrators calling for the perpetuators to be brought to justice amid fears the incident could trigger further violence in the volatile region.