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Legalistic approaches, which would frame the reality in a dichotomy between individuals (e.g., the victim versus the perpetuator) for a particular case in a limited time period (e.g., mass violence in 1999), blind us to a myriad of stakeholders involved in historical allegiances and rivalries, which would seem irrelevant to a contested case from the viewpoint of judicial proceedings.
Scam perpetuators demand ransoms ranging from $200 to $10,000.
The workshop was aimed at strengthening awareness among all stakeholders on the various aspects of TV piracy and enabling them to identify and take prompt action against the perpetuators."
In the same interview, Jennifer Lawrence also called on those who have looked at her nude photos as being perpetuators of a sexual offense and claimed that they "should cover with shame" for what they've done.
From common symptoms and probable causes and perpetuators to black and white photos clearly showing anatomy and providing step-by-step photos for exercises and therapies, this packs in discussions of common trigger points and their solutions, and is a pick for any health collection.
In Europe in what few attacks there have been the perpetuators have not been part of Al Qaeda, merely sympathisers and imitators.
Through candle light vigils and protest marches - the public at large desire the perpetuators to be swiftly awarded the most stringent punishment.
Engagement is individual, and the best advocates for it -- and perpetuators of it -- are employees.
It is not the historian of antisemitism's job to judge the people of the distant past as guilty or innocent or, in O'Brien's terms, to "expose" the "perpetrators and perpetuators" (268): it is axiomatic that people lie and slander and do terrible things to each other, and have done so for a very long time.
Second, this book meanders off point too often as it attempts to expose individual perpetuators of the white slave system as well as blaming the English/ British government for this travesty.
Musleh - The International cries are becoming louder and louder echoing through the deep horizon and calling for Justice to prevail and the perpetuators prosecuted.
So, perhaps, it is time to wake up and bury misguided concepts like the clash of civilisations in the tombs of their perpetuators. Humanity can do better.