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Dr Morgan has worked alongside South Wales company Perpetuus to test the characteristics of graphene on an industrial scale - a "world-first" for the university.
Contract award: Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre (PTEC) Managed Test Site (Phase One Delivery) to include the Provision of (1) Consents and Licences Work Package and (2) Front End Engineering Design Work Package
Breucus, | ueteranus acceptarius, | militauit in ala I Pannoniorum, | dec(urio) et princeps an(nis) XXVI, | flamen colon(iae) perpetuus, | s(ua) p(ecunia) p(osuit).
beatus Vincentius vir sanetissimus perpetuo celebs magister et predicator veritatis sit pro nobis perpetuus intercessor.
TODAY FEAST DAY OF ST PERPETUUS 217: Roman emperor Caracalla (Marcus Aurelius Antoninus) was assassinated.
The first sure indications of a time of preparation come from Bishop Perpetuus of Tours in Gaul (France) in the fifth century, when he issued directives for fasting three days a week from the feast of St.
In 1909, the affliction of pulsus irregularis perpetuus was captured electrographically by Einthoven's galvanometer and linked to the fibrillations of the cardiac atria.
In 1510 Emperor Maximilian I seriously considered the establishment of a legatus perpetuus, or patriarch for the Empire, but Jakob Wimpheling warned him of the difficulties involved--see Hergenroether, 1887, 448-50.
The part of a joint venture company, Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre Ltd (PETEC) is the council, which it s established with the private sector to formualte the SOEC project.
The Averroism of John Argyropoulos and his Quaestio utrum intellectus humanus sit perpetuus.
Contract notice for Perpetuus tidal energy centre (ptec) managed test site (phase one delivery) to include the provision of (1) consents and licences work package and (2) front end engineering design work package.
Sic cultus Redeat prior his, Hortis viror insit / Perpetuus, sint carl Hadriano Proceres.