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Completion of Line One is running six months late with proportionate loss of revenue, staff with nothing to do and, most perplexingly, the fact that when it eventually does start it will have to compete for the same clientele as its own excellent bus se rvices.
The Holy Virgin Mary, 1996, courts, flaunts, and flouts a whole roster of prejudices and preconceptions as an already perplexingly pagan/Christian hybrid turns decidedly profane: the blue-robed African-style goddess baring her beaded elephant-turd breast turns out to be surrounded by a deluge of female genitals clipped from porno mags.
You'll need to ignore his lousy Oirish accent, as well as Douglas's perplexingly long, hippyish hair.
Marvel's comic book movie adaptation for adults brings to the big screen the trigger-happy Deadpool, the Merc With a Mouth, a character that debuted in the Hugh Jackman-starrer, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in 2009-but back then, the live-action version of the gabby killer was, perplexingly, missing a mouth
When world powers like the US and the UK ignore global ethical and legal norms, unleash their armies in destructive rampages, then withdraw in self-satisfied triumph for offering a convoluted form of "liberty" to perplexingly ungrateful natives, the rest of the world concludes three things: the big powers do not consistently respect international law and UN institutions; therefore others around the world should not necessarily respect these same norms and laws; and when big powers use force to get their way, others at the receiving end should resist them by force in return -- whether military or political force.
At this moment, with Wolfgang shuttling between London and Berlin, "The Milliner" perplexingly shifts into "Double Indemnity" land, complete with a finish that recalls James Mason and Shelley Winters in the climactic scene of "A Double Life.
But, perplexingly, someone at the top of the OFT thinks it more important to stay focused on racing.
Lamentably, a blizzard of guttural detonations splintered this hallowed hush, as, aboard our HarleyDavidson, we crossed the square in pursuit of our hotel, locked perplexingly within the city's labyrinthine core.
Here Hardisty clusters media darlings like Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Sommers (but also, somewhat perplexingly, "Dr.
This idyllic image is infused with sexual innuendo and refers, rather perplexingly, to the long representational history of Christ's baptism.
For many years, people kept commenting on how perplexingly different the two siblings were, so Elvira, our director Maria Montelibano and I felt that it was time to focus and shed insightful light on that perplexing relationship on TV.
Built around the billboard-friendly Heather Graham, series is being paired with the lobotomized return of the John Stamos starrer "Jake in Progress," creating a one-hour block for the beautiful but perplexingly lovelorn.