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While the aforementioned concerns warrant further discussion, Perplexities of Consciousness provides an important challenge to a traditional, and intuitive, view of the epistemic efficacy of introspection, and to the prospects for a successful science of consciousness and mind; it merits the attention of anyone interested in these issues.
Therefore, rather than simply fashioning "answers" to the perplexities encountered by students who have already stumbled through the work, I would like, instead, to explore what might be accomplished with students, before they begin reading, to guide them to their own dramatic discoveries.
There may be perplexities about life, about death, that are forever beyond complete determination.
It was clear that as well as being a prize winning illustrator that she could also write and that she had a knack for drawing children into her take on childhood's perplexities The fact that she can write was reinforced with her three chapter books featuring Clarice and it would seem a logical step for the author to move on to a slightly older readership.
Psalm 16,11 IT'S a great help, in our dilemmas and perplexities, when God shows, in answer to our prayer, the way He wants us to go.
Kovacs (archaeology, Pazmany Peter Catholic University) thoroughly examines the perplexities surrounding the "rain miracle" that occurred during the Marcomannic Wars under the emperor Marcus Aurelius.
To watch an artist one values insinuate himself into the cultural landscape as effectively as Wall has is to glimpse the perplexities of artistic priority up close, and, as such, it is one of the fascinations of the job I have had the privilege to hold for the past eleven years; to in some small way enable that progress is one of its rewards.
Deck's genetic description of Plotinus's thought tries to solve its perplexities as it goes.
It is one of the enduring perplexities of the European witch hunts that some of the most learned and innovative thinkers of the era were also the most vehement and apparently credulous witchmongers.