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While we contemplate the perplexity of platforms, we must consider public platforms that are open to everyone along with the proprietary platforms of our discovery systems and individual databases.
In doing so, however, he has put before the world a work of astounding complexity and perplexity.
1 : a puzzled or anxious state of mind <The school stared in perplexity at this incredible folly.
Alternatively, you may simply need to express your bottled feelings and, maybe, admit your perplexity to someone more experienced.
Bail decisions are judgment calls, of course, but the bereaved father's anger and perplexity in this case is more than justified.
Anyone reading or hearing two Dylan songs in succession cannot but be filled with amazement, not to say perplexity, both in respect of the words and the music, that it should be possible for one person to have such mastery over two worlds so utterly diverse.
Readers of Rabelais already knew that perplexity was an important term in his chronicles, but I doubt whether many of us had any idea of the ramifications involved, or of the need to separate perplexity from Skepticism.
Set in New Orleans prior to and during Hurricane Katrina, The Wisdom of Yawdy Rum combines the candid tone of a memoir, the perplexity of real-life dilemmas, and the optimism of the resilient human spirit to create a truly satisfying read.
They put forward thoughtful questions and conclude by letting the reader enjoy the perplexity of the questions and the pursuant discussion.
Both the attitudes and argumentation of these documents, the authors said, have created perplexity and disagreement.
Presumably, you were attempting to be funny in "Irreplaceable Perplexity 101: Ms.
It is so disorienting that more than a few pilots, some of them quite experienced, have gone headfirst into the earth full of perplexity and fright at the strange sight of the ever-growing spinning scene out front.