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While executive supplemental benefits and perquisites have now been pared back substantially from only five years ago, more recently we have seen these eliminations level off; the only benefits and perquisites that companies still maintain tend to be those that can be demonstrated as helping the company make money or creating value for shareholders.
If the car is for personal use and running and maintenance expenses are paid by the employer, the actual expenditure incurred by the employer, including the remuneration of the chauffeur along with an amount representing normal wear and tear of the car (10 per cent cost of the car or hire charges if the car is hired) is taxable as a perquisite.
The Delhi High Court has recently held that amounts paid directly by a foreign employer to discharge its employees' income-tax liability would not be treated as a taxable perquisite in India as it is exempt under section 10(10-CC) of the Income-tax Act, 1961.
The new tabular and narrative disclosure breaks down into three broad categories: compensation of "named executive officers" over the last three years, holdings of outstanding equity-related interests received as compensation--which are the source of future gains and retirement plans--and deferred compensation and other post-employment payments and benefits, including severance, change-in-control benefits, perquisites and stock option granting practices.
Therefore, the perquisite pertaining to the stock option would be taxable in India on proportionate basis.
The referendum is a key perquisite of Sudan's 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), which brought to an end over two decades of a bloody civil war fought between the Christian dominated south and the north, which is governed by Islamic Shari'a Law.
Accommodation provided by a company will be treated as a perquisite and added to the taxable salary.
Compensation, benefit and perquisite information for top public newspaper business company executives culled from Securities and Exchange Commission proxy filings continues to provide insight.
They cover relevant US laws and regulations as well asselecting and training committee members; CEO succession and evaluation; director compensation; corporate governance; securities issues; tax, ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974) and labor laws, regulations and rules; accounting rules; executive employment and severance arrangements; incentive compensation; equity-based incentives; and executive pension-benefit, welfare-benefit, and perquisite programs.
Nearly every type of perquisite tracked declined in prevalence, led by reductions in tax gross-ups on perquisites, use of company car and spousal travel, which each showed double-digit percentage declines.
Egypt, the recipient of 2 billion dollars yearly of American foreign aid since signing Camp David peace treaty in 1978, cannot continue abusing the human rights of its Coptic Christian citizens, a basic perquisite for receiving American foreign aid.